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Weekly Update - Week 3
*Note this week includes an extra 2 days, weigh in on Monday 12/28.

Updated weight 240
This week -5 lbs
Overall -20 lbs

Hard to not be really pleased with losing 5 in a week that included Christmas Eve, Christmas, and my wife's birthday. Also great to hit my first 20 lbs which is 1/3rd of the way back to 200! Glad to hit 240 before the new year.

This was the first week where I felt some noticeable difference in clothes, my "fat shorts" - the ones I was comfortable in at peak weight, I actually have to wear a belt now to keep them on. Also before everything in my body was tight (not in a good way) where it felt like my skin was taut from all the fat (which it was) and now it kind of feels a lot more loose in some areas.

I think really being good M-W last week and then not losing all control over the holiday weekend was huge. Although now I'm in for some tough challenges ahead which I'll detail below.

Food observations

Sat - 1458 cals
Sun - 1467 cals
Mon - 1790 cals
Tue - 1624 cals
Wed - 1542 cals
Thu - 2235 cals
Fri - 3106 cals (Christmas)
Sat - 1670 cals
Sun - 1490 cals

Only real negative I can point to food wise this week is that I'm not eating quite as many fresh veggies as I probably should, other than that really good. I put a huge mental focus this week on not allowing Christmas to turn into a week long binge fest and it really paid off. Realizing that there's a HUGE difference between a nice full plate of whatever Christmas dinner you want vs. 2 platefuls and 4 desserts over 3 hours. I tried to extend that principle to ever day this week except for Christmas. And to be honest it's probably not horrible for me to hit 3k calories every once in a while to keep my body a bit confused.

Also doing a good job with protein vs. fat. I track everything on TheDailyPlate, and every day I was at 200-300% of my protein goals (100-150 grams average) while keeping fat typically below 60g.

I'm really into sunflower seeds at the moment. I've always liked them (in shell) and they are really useful to me as a snack because they take a long time to eat when you get the kind in shell and so the calorie vs. satisfaction (and keeping my mouth busy) ratio is great.

I ate out several times this week also and did pretty good there, either making a very healthy choice, or if it was unhealthy, having 1/2ish of my normal portions.

Exercise Observations
Can't say it was an overall great week exercise-wise due to the holiday. My gym was closed Thu - Sunday so didn't do the gym any of those days. Did some light exercising at home, but I'm not yet good at doing great workouts at home. I did kill it at the gym M-W, and while I wish I didn't have 4 days off from the gym, it did give me a chance to recoup my body a bit and when I went today (Monday) I felt like I had boundless energy and had an amazing workout.

Still having some pain in my knees and ankles, preventing me from solid running for cardio. I hope those issues lessen as the weight goes down, because some of those activities that impact knees/ankles more I really want to work in (basketball, running, etc.)

Still doing a good job of varying things, started to do some exercises with the large weighted balls this week to mix up my weights, and varying cardio intensity, type, and duration every day I'm at the gym.

I need to get better at home workouts. TBH I kind of feel dumb doing videos at home because I feel really uncoordinated and can't do the same pace as the videos. I'm trying to tell myself it's not girlie, but it kind of feels girlie to do a workout DVD at home for me (and anything "manly" is over my head at this point). This is mental I know...

Preparing for Next Week
Next week in all likelihood is going to be worse than Christmas, because we have family in town. When that happens my wife cooks good food, we go out to eat more, and probably can't hit the gym as much. It's going to be tough for 4 days, just need to take the same approach as Christmas week and tell myself that just because I can't be perfect doesn't give me license to totally blow it either.

2 Big Problems Going Forward

1. "Failure without punishment" - This refers to days where I am not "on-plan" to the extent I want to and I don't see scale punishment (or even worse, continue to lose at the same rate). This happened over Christmas as I didn't work out and ate worse for 4 days and my weight loss progressed almost exactly as it has when I've been on plan (I weigh every day). This was the big contributor to me failing to maintain the only other time I lost weight 2 years ago. What happens is that in my head I start to think that I can eat 3k calories and not exercise and it's no different from 1.5k calories and a hard gym workout. Then it leads to little behavior slips (I can skip the gym today, or order that extra burrito) which cycles and then it comes pouring on.

This is mostly mental. I must look at things from a macro perspective (i.e. week and multi week) and not a micro perspective (day and multi-day). Realize that there is not an immediate reaction between behavior and weight necessarily. KEEP IT SIMPLE - If I do the things that are right I will lose, If I do the things that are wrong I will gain....DONE

2. Slower Results
I was hoping to see good results the first month and I have (20 lbs in 3.5 weeks). The problem now is that I have to work just as hard or harder to see even less results. While this is a sign that things are going well, it also sucks from a motivation perspective. I don't know when I will stop losing at a ~5 lb a week rate, could be this week, or not for another several, but I will get to the point where I will be luck to pull 2 each week and I have to prepare myself for that.

Again mental...try not to look at the big losses as normal, and view them as extra gifts or rewards for getting started on the journey. Continue to focus on behavior (reasonable calorie deficit with good nutrition coupled with a good exercise regime) and not focus too much on weight...

Question in my head today
Have I gained any muscle? I hear mixed information on whether you can actually build muscle while losing weight. I am eating a lot of protein and can now lift 20-30% more across the board than I could a month ago. But I'm not sure if that's just making existing muscle more "alive" or actually gaining more muscle. I'm still way below what I was capable of when I got to 200 several years ago. I don't know that the answer really matters, but I was thinking about it today.
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