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Originally Posted by ennay View Post
Oh, the stuff at costco doesnt have the bag inside and stays fresh forever. I never ever buy the stuff in the bags because that stuff goes bad fast. When you get it home take it out of the bag, put a 1/2 paper towel (a whole one of the selectasize is perfect) on the bottom of the clamshell, then put the lettuce back in and put the other half of the paper towel on top. Pick any wilty leaves out right away and everything else will stay fresh longer.

KEEP 1-2 of the clamshells. During the times of year when lettuce is cheaper in the head these clamshells with paper towels keep the lettuce fresher longer than anything else I have ever tried. I keep 2 around for my CSA lettuce in the summer.

That's how the Sam's Club spring mix used to come. But the bag isn't like the bags that other lettuces come in though. The air has been squeezed out and it smells good and fresh (I hate the smell of most bagged lettuces).

I also don't keep the lettuce in the bag. The moment I get it home I take it out of the bag - pick out anything that doesn't look as fresh as it should be (usually it's all good), and do what you suggest. I put the paper towel in the bottom of the clamshell and add the lettuce back in (without the plastic bag). I've never put a paper towel on the top, but I'll try that next time.

I'll probably also try putting some in the green bags to see if that helps.

I love the green bags. The only thing that kept veggies better was when I had a vacuum sealer (a Seal-a-Meal machine that I picked up at a garage sale for $3). They're expensive to buy new, but if you can get a used one cheap, it's a great investment. For crackers and cereals, I'd put the bag in the sealer and suck out the air and seal the package after each use (the bag would get smaller and smaller as the stuff was used up, because I'd always cut the seal to open it).
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