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Originally Posted by JulieJ08 View Post
I think I'm going to have to ask my sister to start picking me up a bag every week at Sam's Club. I'll pay her a month in advance
They have two types. One is just the varieties of baby lettuce and spinache (my favorite). The other is a "salad kit" it's a dollar more (and a smaller amount of lettuce) and contains craisins, feta cheese (I believe), and some kind of nut (I don't know if dressing is included - everything is kept separate in little compartments).

The just lettuce is a better buy in my opinion. Both are in plastic clamshells about the size of a shoebox (the bag of lettuce is inside the plastic box).

It's vacuum packed, so when you open the bag it seems like there's more lettuce than the bag can hold (which is why the plastic box comes in handy for storage).

I almost never finish the bag before it gets slimy - but it's so much cheaper than the smaller bags in other stores, a little waste isn't so horrible.

At the first sign of wilting, I can prevent waste by cooking the wilted lettuce.
At the point that it's not slimy yet, but is starting to look wilted and not quite great for salads, I'll saute the remainder - or throw it into soups (yes cooked lettuce sounds a bit odd, but the leaf lettuces cook up just like spinach, for the most part).
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