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Originally Posted by nelie View Post
I would disagree. I mentioned before that we spend $200-$300/month for the 2 of us and that includes quite a bit of organics and some splurge items too. I also mentioned the blog where a lady feeds herself and 2 (part time) teenage sons on $100/month. It is definitely doable to eat cheaply if it is your goal.
Hubby and I also spend between $200 and $300 a month (including personal hygeine items, cat food, kitty litter (and cat's glucosamine/chondroitin treats for her arthritis) and household cleaning products.

Most months it's closer to $200, and when we run out of pantry staples (which always seems to happen all at once) it's closer to $300 (about every 3 months). So that averages to about $233 a month for the year.

We do have a Sam's Club membership (you will not save money at Sam's Club if you're not very careful, but we're very careful). We buy organic baby spring mix lettuce regularly. It's about 1/4 the cost per serving of the same mix at Walmart (which is a lot cheaper than in other grocery stores).
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