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I'm curious, but have you thought about growing your own veg? Even if you live in a tiny apartment with no garden, you can still grow lots of veggies in buckets and small window planters; you can even keep herbs in the small containers they're already planted in as long as you keep them watered and give them sun.,,4tm2,00.html

This one is geared towards the Americans out there (I live in New Zealand, so different gardening weather down here now!). Yes, there is an initial outlay, but if you can, buy seeds rather than seedlings.

We buy whole chickens and carve them up and keep the carcasses for stock.
If your veggies are JUST about finished, you can still use them in soups and stock.
Never buy more than you are going to eat.

And the most important- plan your meals out for a week, look at what's in your pantry and make meals from there. Economy Gastronomy is a BBC series showing British families how to save money by shopping differently. If you can, find the series on youtube- it will be well worth the download.

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