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I routinely shop in the cheap, and my mainstays are:
cereal (nothing sugared, I like cornflakes if on sale)
oatmeal (not the single serve, the big container)
12 grain bread
frozen blueberries
strawberries (only when in season priced around 2 quarts for $4)
broccoli (fresh or frozen, whatever is cheaper that day)
sweet potatoes
cottage cheese
canned tuna or sardines
chicken breasts (bulk)
whole chicken (if priced under .69 cents a pound)
soy milk (my single "luxury" item, I don't drink regular milk)

If I have money left over after those items, I will buy other stuff (such as my favorite english muffins, pineapple, or a nice steak). I make a lot of soups or one dish meals that I freeze for later meals. I never by prepackaged meals. I can get at least 14 single serve soup lunches/dinners out of a 4 pound chicken, 4 large carrots, 4 large potatoes, 1 stalk of celery, and 1 onion. I drink water or green tea at at work since they pay for it. I budget only $30 a week for groceries (it's just me eating, and I don't mind not having a huge variety day to day).

Weight loss journey started 12/28/2009 - Current Mini-goal:

Mini-goal #1 (300-270) reached 2/28/2010
Mini-goal #2 (270-250) reached 6/3/2010

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