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I agree with the others, cut the juice. I have two kids and I don't buy bottled juice of any sort. Wal-mart has their store brand of crystal lite which is sugar free and is less than $2 for I believe enough to make 4 or 6 pitchers of "juice" kids love it and it is sugar free. Another budget stretcher I have found is this:
1lb ground turkey or beef
2 cups cooked brown rice
2 pkgs taco seasoning
2 cans beans, red, kidney, black or?
cup water (give or take)
cook up the meat and rice seperately, then add them together along with the taco seasoning, water and beans let simmer and serve on tortillas add cheese, lettuce tomatoes ect.....
This is tasty and lasts at least two meals for my family of 4.
Cook oatmeal in morning instead of proceed cold cereals, buy a bread maker and make some bread, nothing beats fresh bread. Potatoes can really strech a meal along with pasta and eggs are always good, but $200 isn't going to feed you for the month. I spend around $700/month which includes laundry soap ect..... for 4
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