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I don't know what part of Indiana you're in, but Angel Food Ministries has several locations around. And if your town is pretty low income, you can talk to a local church about becoming a host site if there's not one close to you.

Also, depending on what part of the state you're in, Aldi's usually has good produce for a good price. I don't think they're everywhere, but there are some around, there's one not too far from me.

There's a new co-op being built on the east side of Indy that should be done by spring. There's a really great one near Ft Wayne. Trader Joe's on the north side has really great prices. Bloomingfoods in Bloomington is a great co-op too.

Kroger's whole grain wheat bread, under the Private Selection brand, is no more expensive than their white bread. I also make bread for us, not enough to own a bread machine yet, but it's much better than store bought bread. The initial cost of ingredients is higher than a loaf of bread, but the cost per loaf is amazingly low. My favorite recipe right now is a whole wheat version of the infamous "no-knead" bread, with rosemary in it. Yum.

If you buy produce in season and buy frozen when not in season, it's going to be much cheaper for you. Bulk grains and beans are inexpensive ways to stretch your budget, and if you're a meat eater you can stretch ground meat by adding beans or tvp.

DH doesn't want to give up Mt Dew, so we still buy that for him, but I drink coffee, water, and tea, all very inexpensive. If the juice is for your niece, you may want to consider concentrated juices from the freezer case. There may be some brands with less sugar, etc. I don't know personally, because we don't drink juice, but it's worth a shot.

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