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waste nothing!

Food lifecycle in my house

A)Whole chicken - roast it --->>

Chicken carcass in pot with (wilty carrots, carrot tops, celery ends, onion bits) salvaged as I find them and toss them into a bag in the freezer. Add water and boil forever strain and defat ---->>

Use defatted chicken broth to cook my potatoes so they have so much flavor on their own they dont need hardly any salt or butter or anything. SAVE the drained potato broth and toss in freezer. -->>

broth for soup to use up all the leftover veggies I have. The potato starch thickens the soup slightly and gives a blended veggie soup a bit more creaminess.

I keep a soup bag in the freezer for all the little bits of food that we dont use. Veggies that are getting just a little past their prime. Cooked veggies that I dont see myself putting on my salad or in my omelet. The little bit of meat that isnt enough for anything but is good for flavor. Soup baby soup.

And dont underestimate the power of beans! Cheap filling and healthy.
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