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I totally feel for you. Overall, healthy food IS expensive, and food in low income neighborhoods is usually een MORE expensive. I'm starting out in my career and in a kinda expensive area, so I've gotten really cheap with food.
It becomes like a hunt! I used to shop at an Aldi when I lived near one. Maybe you hae a discount store like that in your area.

Another poster mentioned looking at the adds. Be flexible with what you eat. I base my meals for the week on what's on sale. I eat a lot more beans and less animal protein. I also cook meals that can stretch the meat a lot farther. Like right now I stirfry chicken with frozen broccoli (because the stirfry mix is like 3x more expensive!). And you have to cook from scratch a lot more. It's just a lot cheaper. Casseroles and soup are great too, because you can get away with throwing in whatever you have.

I like this site, because she gives prices AND calories:

We don't know how many people you're feeding or dietary restrictions or how much your budget is or even what you like to eat but we definitely have ideas if you're looking for some. Feel free to message me!

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