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Unhappy Why Is Healthier Food, Also More Expensive Food?

Alright, 3fc. This may sound like an excuse to eat non-healthy foods, but I am at a complete loss here.

I am considered low-income. I receive foodstamps. (if you don't know what those are, basically I get a card from the government with a set amount of money on it that I can only spend on food)

I spent almost all of my foodstamps on health foods for groceries. It is now the 19th, and I don't get foodstamps refilled until the 7th. I have barely anything in my house to eat. As a matter of fact, even after I went grocery shopping I had barely anything!

Part of the reason "poor" people are so obese/overweight, is because we can't afford to be healthy!

Someone here has to have been in my position, right? You must know what I can do? The only solution I have come up with is to buy what I can afford (to keep my house stocked with food), and just eat much less of it, and exercise more. (not going dangerously below my calorie intake level, mind you)


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