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I was quiet in school, and in the sixth grade this big bully guy started teasing me and grabbing me. When the teacher would leave the room in every single class we went to, he'd get up, walk by me and grab my shoulders or tap me on the back of the head. I was so embarrassed, but wouldn't complain.

Then one day I snapped. In earth science one day, the teacher had to go make copies. He did his normal routine of getting up from his desk a few back from me, and he walked up to me and grabbed my shoulders. I hauled off and back-handed him.

There was a loud "Whoa!" as the whole room watched him fly backward and land on his butt as the teacher walked back into the classroom. He got up saying "Mindi hit me!" I was about to DIE. Then this teacher, the COOLEST teacher ever, asked the class, "Did he deserve it?" And they said yes. I got in no trouble.

He left me alone, and eventually went on to become a high school dropout and part-time criminal.

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