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I definitely agree that eating healthy is a lot more expensive than eating non-healthy. Recently, I actually posted about the ever increasing cost of food (not just produce) on another forum I frequent. I was shocked, during my last grocery shopping excursion, how much a head of romaine lettuce was, etc.
I also try to buy organic if I can so that also adds a pretty penny to the final bill. Even though I don't live in a small town, it's not a metropolis either. We don't have any independent produce-only smaller stores, only big chain grocery stores and I admit I shop at the slighly more pricey one because it is 5 minutes from my house and I can stop there on the way from work or from the gym. But I also know that saying it is slightly more expensive is relative - I may pay more for one particular item but less for another item (than in another store). I guess I could try to shop at Price Chopper or Food Basics but neither is close to me.

Another thing that drives the cost of groceries up is that I try to get into myself a decent amount of protein since I lift weights. The easiest way to achieve that, with a low caloric footprint, are lean meats (such as fish or chicken breast). Having meat twice a day is quite costly.

I did start buying frozen veggies but it will take some trial and error. For example, the first bag that I bought turned out to be 60% carrots, 25% cauliflower and 15% broccoli florets (my estimate only). Not that I don't like carrots but I would have preferred 60% broccoli.
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