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I was thinking about this thread while making dinner last night. I made an Indian stir-fried cabbage dish, and looking at my main ingredients, for produce, I had a head of cabbage (dead cheap) a large onion (again, pretty cheap) and three cloves of garlic (yup, cheap). The other ingredients were olive oil and spices.

I'm getting maybe three meals out of this dish, and looking at it, guess where the bulk of my calories are coming from? The olive oil. This is not an unusual kind of meal for me, and I do eat a huge amount of produce (vegetarian that I am), but I'm by no means consuming 1000+ calories worth of produce every day. I'm consuming the bulk of my calories in the stuff that accompanies the vegetables (grains and pulses and a bit of dairy, mainly), or the stuff I am using to prepare the vegetables (that would be the olive oil, at least in this case.) So, in my own particular case, a straight cash-for-calories comparison just doesn't hold. I'm actually eating pretty cheaply. No, good olive oil isn't cheap, but a bottle lasts me forever. A quid's worth of dried pulses or grains is a couple of meals. So, yes, produce is pretty darned expensive -- although frozen veggies can be pretty cheap -- but by buying in season and eating them with other, cheaper, more calorie-dense things, healthy eating isn't any more expensive for me than the alternative, and in a lot of ways, it's a fair bit cheaper.
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