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And I find it weird that there really isn't much acknowldegment of the realities that alot of us face. Instead, it is "well you don't know how to shop" or "well, the study is flawed" or "well, out here in freaking California I can get cheap stuff year round" or "well, I find it easy". The sad reality is that alot of us face obstacles every single day. Alot of us live in areas without cheap produce. Alot of us have bills to pay and can't afford to eat the way others can. Alot of us are time pinched. Sometimes it would be nice to hear "jeez, I had no idea. I feel pretty lucky that my situation is different" instead of "eat beans and lentils every day. I don't have this problem (and neither should you so you just aren't trying hard enough)."
Gosh, I'm really sorry you felt unsupported - that sucks and wasn't my intention, though I can see how my response would land that way if you were looking for a response along the lines of "yeah, this is so hard on a budget". The issue is, for many people, "healthy food costs too much" is an excuse used to give up on healthy eating. I can't speak for anyone else on the thread, but my goal wasn't to dismiss the challenges that those with tight budgets face (because it IS a lot harder to cook healthy foods inexpensively, and that's just one of the multitude of additional challenges that individuals here may face in weight loss...others include obstacles like PCOS, family situations, depression, thyroid disorders, injuries that prevent exercise, etc) was to respond to a study that felt somewhat discouraging to me about whether good nutrition is possible on a budget (I know very few people who could afford to pay $36 a day for healthy food, though again, I do think that estimate is high) with my own experiences and knowledge about how one can make healthier choices than corn chips or mac and cheese with the same grocery bill.

None of that, though, was meant to dismiss the challenges associated with having a tight grocery bill and trying to eat a healthy diet...only to provide my insight and knowledge about ways that, though challenging, it can still be possible.
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