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I had a LOT of trouble with my teeth up until recently... So eating raw vegetables was out of the question for me. I used to be able to cut and eat a raw carrot without even batting an eye. But lately it's been "reach for the chips because they break in shipping so I don't have to bite down on them" instead of "you know what? I want a carrot with ranch dressing to dip it in today". Money had a lot to do with that too... But now that I've gotten my teeth taken care of, I'll be buying (and eating) a LOT more of the veggies I had to go without! Even if it DOES mean buying a 3lb. bag of full grown carrots that I have to cut and peel instead of a 2lb. bag of baby cut ones.

(A little side note here... I have extensor tendonitis in my right thumb, so it's not always easy for me to peel and cut things.)
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