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Yup. I hear you. And I find it weird that there really isn't much acknowldegment of the realities that alot of us face. Instead, it is "well you don't know how to shop" or "well, the study is flawed" or "well, out here in freaking California I can get cheap stuff year round" or "well, I find it easy". The sad reality is that alot of us face obstacles every single day. Alot of us live in areas without cheap produce. Alot of us have bills to pay and can't afford to eat the way others can. Alot of us are time pinched. Sometimes it would be nice to hear "jeez, I had no idea. I feel pretty lucky that my situation is different" instead of "eat beans and lentils every day. I don't have this problem (and neither should you so you just aren't trying hard enough)."
MindiV, you've done so well! I feel your produce pain! $5.00 for romaine lettuce. $3.00 for the spring mix. $1.00 a lemon. $$3.00 for 8 oz of mushrooms. Megaboxes of veggies that rot within a day of purchase. This is my reality, too. I manage, but just barely.

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