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I hear ya about the produce prices, Mindi... My son and I both love green grapes, but I don't buy them very often because they're usually $3 to $4 a pound. Apples are much cheaper and they last a lot longer... But every now and then I want a little variety in our fruit bowl. You know? I don't buy oranges because:

1. They're hideously expensive ($5 for a 2lb bag? Come on!)
2. They're these teeny tiny little things (I want an orange I buy to fill my hand.)
3. They never have them on a stand with a set price per pound (I hate waste.)

The bracketed comment on point #3 is the main reason I don't buy a lot of produce... It usually goes to waste before I can use it. Especially cucumbers. That really sucks because I really want to eat more vegetables but I can't do that if it's too expensive or if it just goes to waste in my veggie drawer.
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