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We've got one store (town of 3,500). Unless you want to drive 80 miles round-trip to the north or 50 miles round-trip to the southwest, you shop at the one store.

The other day I had to go pick up a few things, and my purchases focused mostly on veggies. I needed red bell peppers for a recipe. They were $1.89 EACH. So I got the green...they were 29 cents each, but half were spotted and all were half wilted. I had to cut parts of them off to use them, but I got them. Heads of lettuce: I needed two because my husband is taking salads in his lunch. $2.09 each. Squash? $2 a pound.

Produce isn't cheap here at ALL. So when we can't get out of town to shop, we certainly pay more...

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