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Originally Posted by misskimothy View Post
I dunno - Public Health researchers over 370 grocery stores for a peer-reviewed article? For the University of Washington? Sounds pretty believable to me.
It was 370 foods, not 370 grocery stores. Also, when searching for the article, came across this blog post which is interesting if nothing else, showing some of the American Dietetic Association's bias.

Also, it looks like that article is 2 years old and I found the abstract from 2 years ago.

And for some foods, I can really understand it.

1 lb of greens has 104 calories so you'd need a about 9.5 lbs to get 1000 calories from greens. Prices for greens vary but if I inflate it up to $3 (greens cost me between 80 cents to $2/lb), you'd get $28/1000 calories.

And the bias can show based on what supermarket you shop at. There are certain super markets I don't go into because they are expensive. Here in the DC area, I find Giant to be expensive for produce and other items. If you try to buy organic produce at a regular super market (vs some place like Whole Foods), you also tend to pay more.
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