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$18.16 / 1000 calories of fresh anything is NOT bloated up here in Alaska. And I'm sure there are many other places with inflated rates for fresh food, too. Places where getting vegetables and fruits from a farmer aren't feasible. Certainly not year-round. But, that aside, there are quite a few things you have to take in to consideration. First of all, are you actually consuming 1000 calories a day of fresh fruits and vegetables and nothing else? What I'm gleaning from the article isn't that it costs you that much to eat 1000 calories a day but 1000 calories of things like fruits and vegetables. And, quite frankly, 1000 calories of nothing but fruits and vegetables is A LOT of fruits and vegetables. You consider they average any where between 30 and 90 calories a serving depending on the fruit/vegetable and how it's cooked. A serving of broccoli, for example can be as low as 30 calories. Even at two servings a day, it would still take you 16 days to hit 1000 calories on broccoli alone. The point is that the broccoli, corn, apples, what have you is still, generally going to cost you more per serving than your standard snack food. The catch twenty-two is that standard snack foods would likely end up costing you more in the long run as they just don't fill you up as well.
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