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I know that I can eat a serving of pancakes from a mix and half a box of KD for dinner and lose weight and it costs me approximately $1.50 for the day. This is my reality. I have no car to cruise from Walmart to Costco and back. I have little to no storage and my fridge is a small fridge with a microfreezer on the top. I am trying to shop better, but a huge box of greens from a place like Costco is usually just at the point of going rotten where I live. They sell things on or just before the "eat now" date, so more often than not, I wind up throwing most of it out. So I don't buy them anymore. Buying fresh food in bulk is great if you have alot of mouths to feed, but what if you are on your own? My menu is posted on the WW site because I really am making the effort! No processed foods or minimeals on there now, but the COST! OUCH!!! And when I think I could lose weight on around $1.50 per day??? Makes me go HHHmmmmm...

Electrical bills are gonna suck this year because my home isn't well insulated, but try getting the landlord to do something about it is ridiculous. I only have so much money and trying to get fed on top of it is going to leave me with some interesting choices to make. Salmon? Or Heat? I work full time and go to school. Finding food bargains is easy if you are say on public assistance and have nothing else to do all day but cut coupons and cruise the stores. What's a girl to do?

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