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See, when I see articles like that I do seriously wonder where they get their numbers from. I often make meals for two people with 1lb of protein (1.49-3.00) with a few added ingredients (spices, etc.) veggies and a salad. I don't work out every detail, but for the two of us I know that we do NOT spend $450 a week on food. I do have a big freezer, and do shop at Costco..... however, WalMart is where I buy greens that last us a week for $4. What I don't do is buy diet food, as it's usually higher priced just because it's highly processed and people will pay more for it.

(I'm using 2 x 1800 at $18 for 1000 cals which would be 64.80 a day and 453.60 a week.)

What I do remember is that when I ate junk food is that I would routinely spend $5-10 a day on crap... and still ate my meals.
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