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Dinky, I know how you feel. I actually started out at a very similar weight to yours. This time last year, I was so depressed and disheartened. I felt like it would be impossible for me to lose much weight, and it would be slow and wouldn't matter, etc.

Fast forward to this year. The time has zipped by. I've lost 55 pounds, which is about 1.3 pounds a week (give or take). I'm currently in a month-long stall, and I almost don't care because I feel SO MUCH BETTER. You will be amazed at what a difference a year makes, even with weight loss as slow as what mine has been. My mental state is better, my health is TONS better, and I look better.

I congratulate you on your healthy, sane approach to your weight-loss goals. I know that you will be successful!

Short-Term Goal

One dancer for each 5 lbs lost!
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