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Welcome watermeyer and Luvmy marine: I am excited for you both to start your new journey.

Luvmymarine: My husband worked for WSI - a subsidiary of KBR. He spent his first year at Scania, and was at TQ when he died. Who knows? Maybe they actually did meet each other. I meet a WSI firefighter up here in the "wilds" this summer. He remembered when Eddie died (Eddie was the first firefighter to pass over there). I was able to give him a hug...

I am really nervous about my weighin on Thursday (usually it is on Tuesdays). I have tried substituting the bars that I got from Netrition. My scale shows a 3# gain! I decided not to get on my scale until I weigh in...I have been depressed all day. This was my biggest worry....what happens when I go off IP? Granted, I only plan to be off the 3 weeks I am gone...but I am still eating lowcalorie/low carb...and l think I gained. Decided the scale just depresses me too much.

Started taking Milk of Magnesia for my "inerd" problem. Worked great yesterday....not today. I am worried about that too.....since I have had problems with this ever since I started on IP. I thought it would straighten itself out....we have tried so many things.

So I finished altering 3 tops today....and when I put them on..they seemed tight (well, tighter than I am used to).....seemingly reaffirming that I have gained something. I have never had a gain while on IP..... are doing amazing. You have steadily gone down every week....I think we are just needing to be more creative or something. Both of my last 2 dinners were terrible.

EchoBaby: We used to have CarbCountdown milk around here. Haven't seen it in ages. Wish I COULD find it. I couldn't make myself make the pudding because of all the carbs and calories in the Lactaid...I thought it would make me gain MORE weight.
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