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I am bumping this thread up because I just joined and I, too, only have 19 points. It is a struggle and I find myself eating a lot of vegetables (which I guess is a good thing). It is definitely hard to get in all of the requirements, such as healthy oil and dairy servings, so I don't worry too much about it. I just try to stay within my points and eat a lot of veggies. My day looks something like this:

B- Oatmeal
S- Greek yogurt with berries
L- Big salad with some nuts or cheese thrown in and lowfat dressing
S- Fiber One Bar
D- Another big salad with a few oz. of lean protein
S- WW ice cream

I should probably subsitute the ice cream for something more nutritious but I always crave something a little decadent at the end of the day!
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