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I normally just tell people that "I eat Salmon on occasion, but beyond that I don't eat any other kind of meat". At restaurants or with new acquaintances I normally keep it short and just say "I don't eat meat." So there's no confusion. I'm very picky about the Salmon I eat; organic wild-caught Alaskan salmon. Also I don't want to be eating it on a constant basis. It's a rare treat for me, and I fear people relying on it so they don't have to leave their "meat meals" comfort zone.

I've been "pescetarian" for just barely a year. It's been a new and exciting change, finding out how to cook healthy nutritious meals, discovering that I actually DON'T despise veggies/beans. I'm still working on letting go of the Salmon, but beyond that I'm happy with my diet. The only other non-Vegan food I eat is eggs (just recently started again) as it's a quick, filling source of protein in the mornings for a very very poor college student.

I understand the confusion on both sides of the fence when someone says "I'm Vegan, but.." You're contradicting your previous statement by clearly saying that you eat something outside of that doctrine. I think that ends up coming out of mouths more often than it should because A) people are misinformed or confused about the actual terms they're using, or B) when put on the spot it's the easiest, quickest way to describe their diet. Let's face it, we don't always say the most intelligent or correct things when someone is questioning us and our beliefs.
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