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Default lap band question

Hi all- I am new to posting- although I have been reading posts for a few months. I am in the process of exploring lap band surgery. I originally thought about WLS about 10 years ago, tried to give it a go on my own and am back to where I have started.

I am scheduled to go to an informational session with the surgeons coming up but I had a question for those of you who are post op.

I have read what to expect within the first few months after surgery- but I am wondering once your band is fully restricted- what sorts of foods are you eating? Can you eat anything but just in a smaller portion (I had read on another post that rice and bread were difficult to get through the band). Currently I eat alot (the alot part being the issue) of high quality food- lean proteins, fruit, etc (although I could certainly use more veggies and alot less carbs) but I am just wondering what I can expect in the long run.

Also wondering about if those of you have experienced long term success or if you have eventually gained weight back- and if so, what triggered it.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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