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Real Name: Janie

Geographical Location: South Central Kentucky

Age: 47

Marital Status: Very happily married

Children: Shelly - 10 year old Sheltland Sheepdog, Mulloy - 4 Year old Sheltland Sheepdog, Rose P. Budd - 2 year old Maine Coon Cat

Occupation: Teacher

Hobbies: Sewing, Embroidery, Scrapbooking, cooking, reading, spending time with my husband and babies

Height: 5'6"

Hair/Eye Color: Colored enhanced Brown w/artifical grey roots/ Brown

Starting Date of Present Weight loss journey: December 10, 2002

Starting Weight: 262

Present Weight: 262

Goal Weight: 145

I have just begun my WLS journey. I went to an Introductory Seminar on 12/10/02. I have an appointment for a consultation on 12/31/02.
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