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Wow, I think I fit in here more than anywhere else. I am a middle aged (45) mother of 4, married and bored out of my damn mind most of the time. On the outside I am a walking catalogue model for LL Bean. You know sweaters, jeans and hiking boots with a furry vest, LOL This is due to my job as a school bus driver. Can't be too radical with a dress code. I love anime art and do 3d art on the side. My hair is always a different color or two at a time, well whats left of it, I am slowly losing it due to aging I'm afraid. Maybe time to shave it off. I do not have any tatoos but would love to get my nose pierced. My current musical taste is hip hop. Hubby says I have the tastes of a 13 year old black girl........better than having the taste of a 90 year old white guy I tell him.
Politically I am on the lunatic fringe, hubby says I am an anarchist. I don't think so but I believe truly that we should divide up everything and get rid of the rich versus poor crap in this country. Everyone should have the right (not privilege) of safe housing, water, heat and food. No one should have to decide whether they want to eat or go to a doctor. Education should be equal for all, no private school system for the elite. College should be free and public as well. Marijuana should be legal and cheap. The drinking age should be eliminated entirely. I call this Utopia. A place where we all live together and share with one another. A place where we become what we want to be without the constraints of choosing our destiny based on our ability to accumulate more and more wealth. Dream on, I know.

Now here is where I get weirder than many people my age. I do not believe that sex and love have to be in the same conversation. Humans weren't designed to be monogamous. I married my husband because I love the person that he is, not because I want to have sex only with him forever. Secretly I want to sleep with a black man before I die. Already been with a man of mixed race. This wasn't about love, it was about physical attraction and plain and simple "booty call".

I was raised in a conservative family who all belonged to the Lutheran church. I rebelled early on and refused to get confirmed at 13 like most of my "peers". Although I believe that there is a higher power, or atleast something that we humans cannot grasp out there, I am not convinced that his name is God or Jesus Christ for that matter. I don't believe that someone who "sins" and goes to church to repent each week is any better of a person than someone who just "sins" according to our social mores.

I don't fit in with any one group and never have my entire life. Most women my age just don't get me or like me. But the guys do. So I guess that I am honestly an "alternachick" in every sense of what the word alternative means.
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