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HELLO LADIES ~ we had some more snow fall over night, but not a lot; and we had mostly clouds and light fluff today that kinda looks like foam pellets ... So we kept busy doing stuff indoors today: I did a couple loads of towels and linens; and then we did some sorting in our spare room and emptied 2 boxes and threw out one bag, plus did some more organizing.

Tomorrow, we have to move some furniture around in the livingroom to make things roomier; so will start that first thing in the morning. We will be moving my computer desk the west wall and my new organ here where the desk is so it is handier to use and frees up the front wall of the livingroom for Christmas. I like to put my tree up there and have my rocking chair up near the window to look outside at the birds and all the people going by. Right now the organ is in the way, so it must be moved.

HI SPICEY ~ that is wonderful news -- to have so many of your family coming up for Thanksgiving is fantastic. It will be a busy but fun time, I am sure ...

PURPLE ~ I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better -- and so am I. My mouth is healing up well; a bit sore in places yet, but I think in about a weeks time, that should all be gone (I hope). The other times healed very quickly, so I hope for the same this time too. You mentioned that you travelled abroad -- which countries did you travel to? Were they all European countries? Did you ever get over to North America before?

The only country I have been to besides ours was Mexico when I was 16 y/y; we went to Merida, Mexico -- a wonderful old Spanish city and stayed in a really nice Spanish Villa type hotel. We all had a marvellous time, but we also saw how the ordinary Mexican people lived as well. At that time, they didn't have all the same amenities like we do ie No Air Conditioners, they just had a lot of large ceiling fans and wide open breezeways that were so lovely; plus lots of trees on the east and south sides of the pool to keep the sun at bay. It was a fantastic experience for all of us; and we have some great memories too ...

I think it's difficult to get a mortgage almost anywhere these days; I know it is here, and from what I hear, it's difficult in the US right now with the economy being so bad right now. I think it has always been difficult for anyone that is disabled or low-income to get a mortgage anywhere. I don't think they should discriminate like that, but they do. Travel insurance is something that would be needed in another country, and I could see how that would be a problem; now you know why I just stay home. We had a group plan when we went on our student trip and we were all young and in good health at the time. Hope you have a wonderful time visiting with your Mom & Dad tomorrow.

After we got all our sorting done this afternoon, I put my legs up and did some more mending -- had to mend my favorit pair of slacks. Each day, I am doing a bit more; I have some of DH's wooly socks to do and several pairs of new slacks (some mine, some his), so I'll be at this for awhile. I often use the winter time to catch up on mending; it helps to pass the time too.

We had a nice dinner of fish & chips with coleslaw & sliced tomatoes; I had sweet potato homefries; but DH had regular chips and gravy. This is one of his favorites so we usually have fish at least once a week. I made some nice homemade veggie soup with beans for lunch today; it was tres yummy ... So was very on plan today and trust me, I got lots and lots of walking and exercise in today ... I'm pooped!

HIYA VALDINE ~ hope your feeling well up there in Thompson, Manitoba. Are you buried in snow yet? Hope your new meds are helping you feel better too ...

Take good care ladies; and hope you have a Fantastic Friday tomorrow ... ROSEBUD
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