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HI LADIES ~ We were blessed with gorgeous all morning; then clouds rolled in for the afternoon and the temps plummeted. We had some new visitors at our big feeder today -- about 13 big & beautiful Rock Doves, plus 2 Woodpeckers, a bunch of mixed Sparrows, and a huge flock of Starlings all vying for the same spots ... it was wonderful to watch.

My bird book says that Rock Doves won't go on or in a feeder, but they sure went into ours; DH made it so big that even they can fit in it, but they were having a time trying to figure out how to get in there and then they played this game where they chased others out ~ very funny!

HI RONNI ~ when I'm busy, I just come in a post first; and come back later when I have time to read and catch up. That is how I am able to post so often. I don't have kids and your busy schedule, but I do have chores, errands, DH and dog, meals, and a house to look after. One of the biggest issues is my health of course; and like you say, everything seems to happens at once or when you least need it. I went into what my doctor called Peri-menopause around the age of 46 y/o; and since I turned 50, TOM has been scarce but will suddenly show up out of the blue like last Monday.

I thought I'd be smart and take an extra vitamin to help my leg heal up better, and that may be what caused it -- dunno. I heard somewhere that we can't say that we are truly through with TOM until we haven't seen him for 1 full year; guess I'm still not there yet. I just turned 51 y/y and he came back to surprise me ... Geepers, I started when I was 10 y/y ... how long is thing gonna last? Someone said that it can last until 60 for some people -- oh, yoiks -- I hope not!!!

We have had weird weather this year too; the cloudiest and rainiest October I can recall ... and cold -- more like November. Yesterday and today we have had half sun and half snow (it's snowing big flakes out there right now). So far though, all the snow keeps melting and that is a blessing for us really; kinda makes up for the other bad weather.

PURPLE ~ I'm sorry to hear that you were having such a bad day yesterday; I was praying for you becuz I was concerned that you would be so tired after your trip to Sheffield. You and I both have to learn to take it easy after a big day; and also not to be so hard on ourselves too.

I was thinking that the town Sheffield in Iowa where RONNIE lives is probably named after the one in England becuz we have many towns and cities and counties in Canada named after towns and cities in England and France and Italy too. Of course, our country is made up of people from all across Europe and the world now, especially when we were first developing and growing.

I decided that I was going to take it really easy today, as I did laundry yesterday; so today I just did hand mending (hemming my new slacks) while resting my body as it has been thru the wringer this week. Had a good, on track and on plan day so far. We had leftover spagetti with meat sauce that I had frozen in individual containers for dinner tonight with a small coleslaw too; I think it was even tastier this time.

to VAL, and SPICY ~ hope both you ladies are well ...

Take good care ladies and hope you have a terrific day tomorrow ... ROSEBUD
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