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Hi, everyone! Well, finally have a couple minutes to post here. I've been trying to read everyone's posts daily, but always seem to get interrupted by kids or chores before I have time to post myself. Weather is finally nice the last day or two-partly sunny and mid-40's F. Much better than all the rain we've been having. October was the dreariest I can ever remember and we had so much rain, DH had to re-plumb the sump pump quickly when the sump pit was full of water. He had been putting the job off as we thought the rainy season was over!

DS2's football team is still undefeated and is in the play-offs. If they win Friday, they go to the state semi-finals and get to play at the U of Iowa's dome-they really enjoy getting to go there. But, Friday's game is a 2 1/2 hour drive away, so will be a long day and very cold again.

With all the running around and busy-ness, it's been incredibly hard to stay on plan. I'm not gaining, but can't seem to lose, either. It's very frustrating. I just need to stay on plan more than just 3 or 4 days in a row, so I'll quit bouncing around the same 3 pounds...grrrrr!

Purple-I found it funny that on Monday we had to go to a town called Sheffield also, which is about 15 minutes from where we live, for DS2's senior photos to be taken. The photographer there is highly recommended and doesn't seem to charge too much-he allows you to just purchase what you want and doesn't lock you into photo packages that have 100 wallet-size photos that you will never use-lol! I really hope you're feeling better, though, after your days out and about.

Rosebud-Glad your tooth extraction is over and that you're recovering. Isn't it amazing that TOM always shows up when a person least wants to have to deal with that too! That's always what happened to me. I've been very happy to apparently be in menopause now, but have a couple more months till that becomes "official," I guess. Sounded like you had a nice Halloween and your decorations were very cute! Our evening at the church was great! Over 140 kids and also their parents came and played games, won prizes, and had a great time. I was a "floater" giving the kids running the games breaks for supper, so got to work almost all of the games and interact with lots of people-I was exhausted by the end of it!

Val & Spicy-Hi and how ya' doin'? Hope you're both well and having a great week!

Well, have a nice evening! to all!

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