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Hellooo Everybody!!!!

I have missed almost two whole threads! I know there's no way I can possibly do replies...but I thought I'd do a few, we'll see. I suspect some of what I'll say to one will apply to others.

Zelma: Since you were the one who asked first! Got the trailer done. The last renter is saying all the damage was there when she moved in...which I totally don't believe. Ah well, you live and learn. The new renter and I will go over the place together and sign a document saying what was wrong. You learn to CYA!

The SCA event went well...better than expected, given that it was on Easter weekend. We had about 100 people in attendance and a good time was had by all. My son did some archery, shooting against the grown-ups, he was the only child archer of the bunch. And felt bad that he didn't win! That's my boy...a perfectionist to a fault.

The weekend was HORRIFYINGLY FATTENING! Especially Sunday. I just couldn't seem to get enough to eat! I am quite sure that I gained over the last week...I just hate that. Most of all, I hate that I did it to myself. Between sausages and sweets and deviled eggs and everything else I was positively ill! My stomach did NOT like me and I don't like myself either! Sooo....must get back on track! NOW!

Oh, and Zelma...you are not vain at all...and if you are, you DESERVE to be!

Mokster: You are our new guy, right? MMMMmmmm, Donuts! I'd have one heck of a time losing weight with your job. Great to have a male point of view...hope you don't mind a bit of girl talk! I totally agree with what you were told about exercise. I have an eliptical. The first time I got on it...I did I think 3 minutes. I've managed to get up to 15...but that was a while ago. I expect I'll be back down to 10 when I start again. Don't set yourself up to fail by having your expectations too high.

Nancy: Here's that "girl talk" I was just mentioning...no, I'm not getting everything removed...in fact, I hope to keep all my girlie bits. I'm having the endometrial ablation and an ovarian cyst removed and my tubes tied...(tube actually, I've only had one for 20 years, you'd think I'd get 1/2 price!)

Maria Lucia: I know the pain of ending even a bad relationship! My heart and thoughts are with you!

Kaylee: I'm glad to see you have the counseling appointment. Everyone needs a little help now and then.

Ammi: Don't despair of being off the program...you can get back on track!

Amy: Wow! So much going on in your life! I'm sorry for the loss of your coworker. Even if you were not close, I'm sure it was a shock. I'm sure your sister means well. I know, though, what you mean about her attitude! It's not like KC is some tiny town in the middle of nowhere! And after all...you can always move back if it doesn't work out! Sometimes people just think a move is the end of the world!

Julee: I SO admire you! You have such self-control over your eating when you are with other people. I do fine when I'm alone or with DH...but put me in a social setting and it's EAT! EAT! EAT! I don't know why I have such a hard time with that! Don't feel too bad about not keeping passover...I'd have felt much better if I hadn't kept Easter. Darn bunny and his chocolates!

Getting R.E.A.L.: I think you will really like it here! These ladies are THE BEST!

Wyllen: I'm sorry to hear about your husband's job! That is such a scary thing these days. It sounds like you guys are as prepared as people can be for this though! I hope it is short-term.

Moving and Shaking: I don't know that we've met...if not, welcome! Have you tried biking? Should be easier on the ankle. Maybe something more like pilates - floor exercises or something? I'm afraid I'm not too good for advice on exercise...I NEED IT BAD!

Well all, one nice thing this weekend, a lady I really don't know, just met a few times, came up to me and said "you've lost a lot a weight, haven't you?" She hadn't seen me since last November at another event. I'll have to try on the gown I wore then and see the difference now! It made me feel really good...and yet I pigged out afterward!

I really need to go now...Hope all are having a nice night and I'll try to keep up better in future!

Catherine! Where are you???
Starting over again on 3/5/17
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Crockett--I am so sorry! I remember you asking me before and I think I just forgot about it with every thing else going on! I'm sorry! I was a secretary for the Associate Warden. So I worked on the free side of the prison--no inmate contact. Unless you count the work release people who cleaned the office.
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This thread has taken on a decidely "deep" tone lately, hasn't it? It's just reminded me, as I've read the thoughts and feelings so many of you have shared, that this really is a supportive group---and it's nice to see how much trust has become a part of what happens here. I really value that and just wanted to say so.

MariaLucia -- I imagine you're a whirlwind of emotions right now. Some people would look at what you're handling in your life and totally freak out. Others might use this a an impetus to take charge of their own world and their make healthy, positive changes. I hope that you find yourself feeling that these changes are a way for you to be who you need to be and to find peace in that. Let yourself mourn.... be gentle with yourself.... but know that your choices will lead you to the next phase in your life and know we're all pulling for you.

Zelma -- your insights are helpful to all of us. Like many others, I look to you for many things... and look forward to getting to the point you are... where this new lifestlye is a lifestyle, but is not new and is just a part of who we are.

Violet---I understand how losing someone you know, even if you're not especially close, can make you question things, become fearful and sad and worry about those around you. Somehow the "GOd called her home" never made me feel any better---even if it's a comfort thinking that it's possible the person is in a better place, it doesn't change the fact that it's a reminder that life is fragile and unpredictable. It's certainly normal to feel shaken. Maybe it would help to take this emotion and turn it in to a reason to share with those around you how you feel about them. It won't bring Michelle back or change things, but it can be very healing.

Mokster -- your enthusiasm is so wonderful to hear. I hope it's contagous, as I haven't been good at all about getting exercise into my life. Can't wait to hear how it goes. But yes---pace yourself and be realistic.... nothing hurts enthusiasm more than setting yourself up for a let down and then interpreting that as a failure. I'm so glad you're here!!

Kayley -- YEAH for you for this great step!! We're behind you, friend!

Julee -- good luck with your mom. Remember to breathe Mother and daughter relationships are funny things, aren't they?

Wyllen -- sorry about the layoff situation. I'm kind of in the same boat. But it's actually been ok so far--- sounds like you have some cushion there, like us. But hey---We can commiserate together Good for you for being steadfast in your goals, though!!

GettingREAL... WELCOME! As you can see, we talk about so many things here. I'm sure you, too, will find this a supportive and welcoming place to be.

I just realized how late it got all of a sudden..... to all of you--- thanks for making this a good place to be.

Stay strong and well --
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Mel -- how long have you been laid off?

As for me, I'm doing okay with it so far, but trying to figure out the best way to support the hubby, who's feeling a bit down, while at the same time trying to make the best decisions... I really feel like I don't know at all what to do about it all...

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Hi all!
MARIA LUCIA - My heart goes out to you. This has to be hard, and certainly hear you about losing the whole family. That's a really big deal. But we each have a future we can't even imagine, and I SO admire your courage in being ready to take on your own. I hope your journey gets better and brighter soon, and you find the person you deserve.

VIOLET - I'm sure the move must be scary, but it isn't irreversable if it doesn't work out. Yes, you'll miss the old and familiar, but the adventure will be worth it! Give your sister a razzberry for being a party pooper. Remind her that you WILL be back visiting, and you just might make her house your Hilton. *** It hits really hard when someone dies so young, doesn't it? It's rather terrifying I think - too close, and too personal. I'm sorry.

MOKSTER - OUCH! Krispy Kremes?! I don't even like donuts much, but that job would KILL me! I am on your side and rooting for you & your new bike. I started out at 10 minutes on my treadmill, and was up to doing a great 90 minute workout for a little while, until I was returned to my cage & life on the road... Truckin' sucks. ...BTW, WELCOME!!

WELCOME also to MOVIN&SHAKING and Getting REAL, as well as other new members.

Lots of to Kayley, Wellynn, Lilion, Ammi and others facing some of the hard and scary things life throws at us sometimes. I guess the painful or trying times can help to make us appreciate the sunny days.

I've fully enjoyed several days of absolutely flawless weather while I was home off the cage... I mean truck. I'm exhausted from spending so much time running around chasing ponies & kids, and breathing fresh air. It's way past my bedtime, especially since the puppy has been hearing scary bumps all thru the night lately, and NO one could sleep thru his alarm system. If the Klingons invade, I think his noise could single-barkedly scare them away. I sure scares me!

I'm sorry that I'm missed replies to so many of you. I really appreciate all the help and support you've offered, and your many replies to me. Thank you! i have a feeling I'll be on this roller coaster for a while yet (not as strong as Maria) but it does have its ups, as well as its downs. At least I wake up each morning with another chance to get it right.... or wrong again... but that's so much better than the alternative. I have plenty of family support - on both sides of the issue, so I won't fly off foolishly without giving things enough thought... quite the contrary. I just wish I could get back to where I was a few months ago with great eating habits, consistant exercise, and weight loss. It will come. I'm still determined, even if a bit discouraged for a moment.

Well, O.P. is a great place to be, so I'll meet you all there... Does tomorrow sound o.k. to you?
Val ~
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I saw a post about being laid off... if you get unemployment make the best of it. i wish i had thought about going back to school back in september when i got laid off. take full advantage of it.
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Just a quickie, Violet/Amy, sorry about the death of your co-worker , your reaction seems pretty normal to me, the death of anyone you know, particularly if they are young is a shock, even after an illness like cancer.
Wyllen, sorry about your hubby being laid off, you will have to get him to do some housework for you whilst you are at work seriously though give him a hug, I'm sure that there's some better job out there for him.
Nothing much to report, apart from a weird NSV, has anyone noticed their libidoes going into overdrive? I'm not sure if it's weightloss or the sun shining but boy am I feeling frisky, poor hubby doen't know what's hit him! It counts as exercise though, right?
Ammi, I KNOW that you can do this, please believe in yourself and try keeping a food journal, like I suggested, then if you are still not losing you can show your Dr. what you have eaten.
Zelma, you are so pretty, who cares if you are being a bit vain, you have worked hard for it AND DESERVE IT!!!!

Start of Lap-Band Diet (pre/post op)
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trying again!
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Morning Everyone!

Sharon ~ haha just don't fill us in on how many minutes on the exercise thread But you aren't alone! Hubby tells me all the time that he doesn't know if he can handle it once I lose another 60

Amy ~ So sorry about your co-worker. Life really sucks sometimes! Its so unfair when someone so young passes.

Wyellnn ~ You will find a way to make it through this. Sorry to hear about hubby's job!

Welcome to the newbie REAL and welcome back to Movin and Shakin....

Crock ~ Congrats on 2 more gone!! You are really boogie-ing!

A big good morning to Lilion, Kayley, Nancy, Ammi, Luan, Mel, Julee, Jilly, Valerie and everyone else that I missed but haven't forgotten!

Nothing new here with me. Day 2. Breakfast is over and once I clean for a bit, I will do my workout before I get ready for work. Ew, back to work. Not Fair!!!! I SO enjoyed my 4 days off even though all I did was pig out.


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amy~ No need for "sorry" there sweetie,, I know things are busy, I knew I would eventually find out.... Thanks for filling me in.. and Take care of yourself..

Mokster~ Have you chosen an eating plan yet? and how did the excercise go?
Crock 02/06/06 back again 12/07
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oh, hey Brenda~ must have posted close to the same time,, Thanks for noticing the 2 lost pounds,, I appreciate it..
Crock 02/06/06 back again 12/07
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Kayley – I am SO glad that you have an appointment to speak with someone. I truly hope that they can help you to see the wonderful person you are – the wonderful person that WE can see you are. From your posts I can tell that you have a heart of gold and you are always sincere and caring. These are attributes that you need to be proud of and cherish about yourself.
You need to also understand that you have achieved something wonderful with your weight loss so far. Something that many people just dream of. You have taken control of many aspects of your life and have been strong enough to turn your life around. I take my hat off to you!
I look forward to hearing how your meeting goes.
Thursday is going to be an exciting day for you. Good luck on the typing test!
Oh! And your face DEFINITELY looks thinner in this latest avatar! Is that just the lighting or can I see some green left in your hair?

Sharon – I can sympathize with you about having trouble getting all the way across on the monorail ride. Even though I have lost more than half my body weight, I still don’t have a lot of ‘strength’. It is improving since I got the home gym, but I’m still not what I would call ‘strong’ by any way, shape or means. I hear about people riding the exercise bike at number 3 or 4, but I just keep it at 1 and go faster. I just can’t sustain anything higher. Sorry you were caught in such an embarrassing situation though.
Hey! 4lbs is a great loss!! Certainly don’t kick yourself about that. I know… I would prefer the 5lbs if it were me too… but that is still a wonderful loss.

Brenda – It does sound as though you have a full day ahead. It makes me feel downright lazy! This is my first real ‘holiday’ day after the long weekend and I have basically done nothing all morning, except one stint on the treadmill.
I think I would have to do what you have done with South Beach. When I read the book a while ago I just couldn’t even consider not eating fruit. I LOVE fruit! And, like you said, it is SO good for you. It sounds as though you have things well in hand.

Toofatforu2 – Thank you for the lovely compliments. I am so happy when I can offer inspiration to people as I know how important it is to get support and encouragement on this journey. And yes… I DID lose my weight through healthy eating and plenty of exercise. I have a link to a Word document at the top of my pics page that tells about how I have lost my weight. It is a little old and I hope to get it updated over these holidays, but hopefully it will still be of some help.
Good luck on your own journey!

Mokster – It is SO great to see you here. I’m sure that many men are not comfortable with this type of forum and they have NO idea the wonderful support network they are missing out on. I hope to see you posting often and letting us know how you are progressing.
It is terrific seeing you so excited about exercising. I just admit that when I first started on my journey I wasn’t that excited about exercising, but I always loved how I felt afterwards. When I got my treadmill I got to look forward to using it, and now I have the exercise bike and home gym as well for variety. My problem now is trying to stop myself from OVER-exercising as I just don’t feel right if I miss a workout.
All the best to you on your journey to a healthier you!

Jill – I’m glad you didn’t have to battle the spiders at the weekend. Even though you ‘splurged’ a little on the food, you obviously still did pretty well overall, which is wonderful.
I hope you have a great time at your sister’s wedding. I would love to see a pic of you all dressed up, but will understand if you don’t take pics seeing as you don’t feel that comfortable in your dress. I can’t remember, but are you in the wedding party? I get a feeling you may be or you would have just chosen a different outfit to wear that you were happier with. I hope you still get to thoroughly enjoy yourself and don’t worry too much about how you look, although I know that is easier said than done.
It sounds as though you are pretty unsure of your relationship with Jeff, but you know that he is a very special person. Perhaps you need to ‘spice’ things up a little. I only say that because that is what I have decided to do with my marriage. I have a feeling that I have been taking Neil for granted for a while now and I truly don’t appreciate what a wonderful person he is and how lucky I am to be with him. I am one of those people who believe that we are soul mates and we were simply ‘meant to be together’. I have just let myself get really comfortable with the relationship and I have decided to add a little something now and then. I am trying to be more spontaneous with my affection and am trying to organize nights out or away. I’m not sure what other things yet, but hopefully they will bring more ‘zing’ back into our lives. Good luck with your relationship!

Nancy – It is great that you are beginning to see this as a ‘lifestyle’. Trust me, it took me a long time to reach that mindset. It is just SO reassuring when you realize that this can be for life, and it is not some impossible dream.
I’m glad you checked on the MRI machines. It sounds as though things have turned out fine with the change. I am sure you are just looking forward to when this is all over and done with. I hope things move a little faster from here on in.

Ammi – Great to hear from you! I certainly hope you make it to the doctor’s this time. I am probably more interested in the results than you are!lol I agree that it doesn’t sound like anything urgent, I just like to know results of tests like that. I usually can’t wait to get my results and worry until I do. You are obviously a far more patient person than I am.
I love your positive attitude about the scales maybe showing an increase. At least you are still willing to get back into things and improve your life from tomorrow onwards. I truly believe that you only fail if you fail to keep trying.

Amy – I am SO sorry to hear about Michelle. I can understand your deep feelings, even though you weren’t close. I never really know how to deal with death. I just don’t cope well at all, and I never know what to say to people. I just try to block things like that from my mind, which probably makes me come across as cold at times, but it is simply a survival technique that I must use. I am like you, and it brings people’s vulnerability too close to home and the heart. I would prefer to just believe that all is well and good with the world and that family and friends will live forever. Silly I know, but I’ll cope with the reality when I have to.
I am sorry your sister isn’t taking the news of your move well. Do you think it is just that she will miss you so much and she is directing that emotion in another direction, which is why she is telling you that you are making the wrong decision? She could also just be doing it to be a pain in the butt, but I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt before condemning her.
I am so happy that you are excited about this change in your life. I don’t take change well and would be a nervous wreck, but you are showing me that change can be a GOOD thing, not something to fear. Good luck with those jobs!
Sorry to hear you are sick by the way. I hope you are feeling better real soon. I’m glad you have a couple of days off work to recuperate. Don’t do too much exercise will you? You don’t want to make things worse. I can understand you wanting to still do something, but don’t get carried away – that is something you can leave for ME, as I always seem to do things like that. Simply “Do as I say and not as I do”. That seems to be the best policy when listening to my advice.lol

Julee – Well done on getting to the gym so often! You are doing SO well.
It was wonderful to read about your visit to Disneyland. We were there last September and I loved every minute of it! We spend 3 hours the first night we arrived in Anaheim and then the whole next day. I’m sure I still didn’t see everything I wanted to, but we still did pretty well. We didn’t even get to California Adventure (or whatever it is called). I did the important things though, like get my photo taken with Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse. I may have been the only adult getting my photo taken, but I didn’t care one little bit. I spent the day being a kid and I loved every minute of it. You did well to eat well while you were there. It took us a while, but we managed to find a delicious salad, then we found some packs of vegetable sticks for later. There were LOTS of tempting unhealthy choices there, but it was great to find some healthy ones as well.
I hope your time with your mother goes well. I only live an hour and a half from my parents and I don’t see them very often – by choice. Last time we went they were very critical of an overweight relation and I just felt that this must be the way they spoke about me when I was overweight. I just didn’t feel comfortable at all. Things have been like that for a while, and I feel bad about feeling that way, but I can live with it. I sometimes feel as though I should just have a deep and meaningful talk with them one day, but I think it would hurt their feelings and I’m not ready to do that. I’ve been writing some notes on my weight loss, with the plan of maybe writing a book, and there are some eye-opening comments about my parents in there. I have a feeling that those may be something that stop me from ever actually publishing the book. I just don’t want to make them feel bad, no matter how bad they’ve made me feel in the past. Wow… I’ve never actually talked about that before. Sorry to go off on my own tangent. I truly do hope that you and your mother have a great time together.

Getting R.E.A.L. – I know you will love it here. You have found a place to receive wonderful support, advice and encouragement. We will laugh, cry, shout, cheer and ache with you. We understand where you are coming from and know where you want to get to. I look forward to hearing more from you.

Wyllen – I’m glad that you can see what you are doing now becoming an established lifestyle. From what I have read in your posts, you are well on your way!
Yep… I didn’t do any other exercise that day. I’m a little worried that I could be doing too much exercise again, but compared to some people on 3FC, I am doing next to nothing! I think I have to stop comparing myself to others, just like I tell the kids at school. I may have to ‘practice what I preach’ with this one.
I’m so sorry about your husband’s job. I’m glad you have funds to tide you over, but it is still a stressful situation to be in. I worry SO much about money that I would be hopeless if Neil lost his job. We could survive on my wage, but we would have to make some major changes to our living standards. I hope something else comes along for him soon.

Moving and Shaking – I think that maybe you should see a doctor about your foot/ankle. I know that you really want to exercise, but as you said, you don’t want to do so much damage that you have to wait even longer to get back into working out. I can’t really offer any suggestions for outdoor activities that wouldn’t put any stress on your ankle, but I have a home gym at home and most exercises on that are for the legs and upper body, and can be done while sitting. We have a couple of parks around that have equipment like this set around them, perhaps you could find somewhere like that. I know that is not really useful, but it is the best I can think of at the moment.

Lilion – I’m glad that the trailer seems all sorted out now. Good idea to have a contract written up to show current ‘damage’, as it seems as though your previous tenant had a very selective memory about things like that.
Your SCA weekend sounds like a resounding success! It is wonderful that your son was able to compete with the adults. I had to chuckle about him not being happy that he didn’t win. Did he get that competitive streak from his mom or dad?
Great NSV about getting that comment about your weight loss! Even though you feel as though you hadn’t done well over the weekend, at least this shows just how well you have done so far and what a great job you’ve done. You deserve comments like that!

Mel – Thank you for the lovely comments. I truly do believe that many of you here are well on your way to this being a way of life, not just a ‘diet’ or quick fix. When I read what you are all doing, with resisting temptation and sticking to exercising even though you don’t really feel like it, I know that you are committed and you can’t help but succeed then.

Valerie – I’m glad the weather has been nice for your respite from the ‘cage’. It wouldn’t have been much fun to have to stay in the house when you are finally free from the road for a while.
It is very reassuring to hear that you have plenty of support for whatever decision you make about your life. It can be a very stressful time and it is important to know that people will be there for you, no matter what you decide. Worrying about other people’s reactions can often colour what we choose to do and that isn’t something you need added to the equation.

Luan – You haven’t mentioned what you have been studying lately. Any hints or tips for us? I was wondering how you know if you are a ‘summer’ or ‘winter’ person. You may not know the answer, but perhaps someone does. I often look at Avon colour palettes and they talk about these types of colourings. I used to be a summer, but I seem to be leaning towards winter colours lately. I don’t want to choose the wrong colours and look weird! Just something I have been wondering about and I thought that maybe you would be able to give me advice. Believe me, I need help! I kinda didn’t use much makeup before and now I want to try a few more things. I’m just not always sure what to try and what to do with it!

Sharon – Thank you for the lovely comment!
I’m sure your husband is thrilled with the ‘new’ you! I was like that for a while, but I had problems with the contraceptive needle and things haven’t been ‘right’ for a while on that side of things, so my poor hubby is probably feeling a little deprived. (I know… too much information) I’ve made an appt with a gynecologist in a month or so (booked up till then) so hope to get some answers then.
And YES! That is VERY good exercise. Burns off LOTS of calories.

Well, I’ve written another novel, so I hoped I haven’t missed anyone.

Things are pretty good this end I suppose. Well… perhaps not that good. My weight is up more than I would like it to be, so I am REALLY hoping that TOM is coming. It was due a couple of weeks ago, but I know that my ‘system’ is still settling into some kind of routine, so I’m not overly worried. No pregnancy scares, so that is OK. I just really don’t like the scales to go up with no reason. My weight is often a little higher on Sunday and Monday and I am still trying to work out why that is, now it is up again! It hasn’t reached the limit I set myself, of 5lbs up, but it is heading there. I suppose I am not really as worried as I sound, as I KNOW that I can get it down again, but I still don’t ‘like’ these increases.

I may have been a little naughty again too, as far as exercising goes. I hurt my back on Sunday night. I actually felt something pull when I bent to pick something up. I have had trouble with my back for years and go to the chiropractor regularly for maintenance. I was only there last Monday, but I may have to book in an extra visit if things don’t improve.
Anyway… getting back to the naughty part. I STILL did a L-O-N-G walk Monday morning (as in 6 miles) and then today I was going to rest, but by 10:30am I was feeling OK, so I went on the treadmill for an hour (at a slower pace than usual – around 4.2mph), which I thought would be it for the day, but then I got the urge to still go on the bike just before dinner for half an hour. Now, my back didn’t hurt doing any of this, but it still hurts at times when I am getting up or down. I am not sure whether I should be resting it totally or not. I may have to go to the chiropractor just to ask him about exercising at times like this. I can also feel my leg muscles more than usual, so I may be overdoing things a little. I have been jogging for intervals on the treadmill, which I only just started and I am really enjoying that, but may be doing too much too soon. Oh dear! I wish it was all just a little easier to work out!

Anyway, other than that, I don’t think I have been doing too badly. I have had the munchies a little, which is another thing that tells me that TOM could be coming. I don’t usually get the munchies. I am usually just happy with my usual meals and snacks. I have been having a couple of little extras, and even though they are healthy, I know that I really don’t ‘need’ them. Still, Jodie (dietitian friend) said that sometimes you just have to give in to cravings, so I am not kicking myself about them.

Well, that is about all from me. I can hear the collective sigh of relief from here!LOL I do tend to go on a little huh? I do enjoy ‘chatting’ with my friends here.

I hope you all have a wonderful post-Easter week!

Take care,

Zelma - Loving the freedom of being half the size I used to be!

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Zelma--as always, such excellent insight! Yes, I am the Maid of Honor for my sister's wedding this weekend. Being such, I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures of me! I really like the dress (she let me pick it out after giving me her list of requirements--had to be from David's Bridal, tea length, "apple" color, etc.); I just don't like having to stuff myself into it But, c'est la vie...motivation for me to make sure I don't have the same problem by the time I get married (assuming that time ever comes!).

Family is extremely important to me. The thing I have with Jeff is special--we know each other's limits, we can read each other very well, and we're both very easygoing about the other's quirks (lord knows I've got some!). Despite the uncertainties I sometimes have, one of the most important things is that I think he'll make a greatfather. I mean, I think between the two of us, we could raise some really amazing kids I don't know--I'm talking myself in circles now. For now, I love him; I'm paranoid, but I know he's not doing anything wrong (since he's ALWAYS with me); and he's good at responding to and listening to (or at least pretending to--let's be realistic, he IS a guy) anything I need to talk about. Oh, and we're 24 (well, I will be in July, anyway) and broke, so we get what "spice" we can right now
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Got down to about 185 before pregnancy;
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First, here is a pic from the formal that I think I will use as a before pic.


The formal was actually a huge disappointment. The food was horrible, the music was worse. My parents were there as well and I hated seeing them not having a good time. It was so bad that my brother and I have decided to have our own formal to redeem it. A lot of the people were not dressed enough and well, it was just really bad. During the whole thing, the chatter around the room was basically how horrible it was.

On another note, I have been thinking a lot about me, my body, my weight and I have decided to take things nice and slow. No pressure, no expectations. I won't be setting anymore goals for a while, it's too much for me right now. I expect perfection and when I don't get it, I stop. I don't want this to be just about losing weight. When I exercise and eat well, I automatically feel lighter and more confidant. I walk like I already lost the weight and the confidence shows. I know this because I'll walk down the street today and nothing. After a week or so of exercising, I have men looking at me, flirting, honking their horns and I'm still almost 300 pounds, not much changes as far as my body so it must be the confidence. It demands attention. So I'll weigh in tomorrow to see how much damage I've done over the past couple of weeks and then I'll get back on whenever the heck I feel like it. I'm a slave to the scale no more.

Starting over again.........again!
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Hello again!

Tracey-What an excellent attitude! I think I'll try to adopt it! Try! We'll see how well I'll succeed! And I think you looked lovely! Sorry your formal wasn't much fun.

The scale is being very unkind and judgmental! Bad scale! It seems to think that my overeating the last two weeks has been a VERY BAD THING! I was up SIX pounds this morning! I know that will drop some before WI tomorrow - but it's still absolutely horrifying! I'm so ashamed of myself for the way I ate this past weekend...it was nearly like how I ate before I started this journey over a year ago! I know better.

Anyway...today is a new day. I ate a healthy OP breakfast. Brought healthy OP snacks and lunch to work. Parked .6 miles away from the office and walked in. Thawed out salmon for tonights OP dinner! I WILL BE OP TODAY! And I'll get back on that evil eliptical tonight!

Hope you all have better scale luck than I. Have a good day!
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Hey girls, I just got to tell you something, I was getting dressed yesterday, and I have a Pair of my most favorite pants, that I have not been in for 3 years of better, I took them off the hanger and was hesitant to put them on , (you know the feeling when something does not fit, puts a little bit of a damper on things.) soooooooo any way I soldiered on and tried them on andthey fit , and were baggy enough for me to be able to put my had around the waist line with no effort.................. whoop whoop..... it keeps getten better and better,, dont know when the weight stall will happen for me, however, if i keep remembering that i am changin my life and the weight loss is the bonus, i hope to conquer any plataues............take care all
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