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Question New with lots of questions

Hi everyone.
I just joined 3fc and have been browsing around and found this section. A little about myself:
I am 46 and weigh about 315 lbs. I am at my heaviest and am so depressed. I've tried diets off and on but nothing ever sticks. I don't know if I have the discipline to lose 150+ lbs. I have never found anything that works for me... mainly because I am very impatient and if I don't see at least a little improvement fairly quickly, I get very discouraged. I get zero exercise. Though, at this point, I'm not even sure what I could DO to exercise. I do have a treadmill, that I've hardly ever used.

I'm seriously considering a low carb diet. I'm on Pinterest a lot and I see tons of pins on 'keto' diets... though I don't know that much about them. My sister lost a lot of weight on Atkins and has been successful at keeping it off. I don't have a lot of $ to spend on special food. My bf had surgery a month ago and has been off work until just last week. I do have lots of chickens, so eggs are always plentiful, which seems like a good thing for a low carb diet.

Any help, pointers, suggestions for diet/food/exercise would be greatly appreciated.

I do suffer from Hypothyroidism, but I take medicine which is supposed to even things out. I also suffer from depression, but I've been doing pretty well recently. I just know I am not getting any younger and it's only going to get harder the older I get.

I really hope to be able to connect with someone here. And hopefully have a partner I can be accountable to..
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There are many good diets, so I don't think it's very important which one you pick (unless there are foods you need to avoid because of intolerances). However, there are some things that most good diets have in common, for example:
Avoid sweets (or anything with added sugar), refined carbs, deep fried foods, and highly processed foods.
Make sure you eat enough vegetables, enough protein (e.g. eggs, fish, lean meats), and enough healthy fats (e.g. nuts, avocado, olive oil, salmon). If you eat grains, make sure they're whole grains (e.g. brown rice, quinoa). Some other healthy foods that you can eat are fruit, beans, and greek yogurt.

If you post a list of foods that you eat, I might be able to give you suggestions of what to change.

If you find it hard to motivate yourself to exercise, you can try increasing your amount of exercise gradually, so that you're not overwhelmed. You can start with walking. If you walk outside instead of on the treadmill, maybe it'll be less boring. Later, when you feel you're ready, you can add in other types of exercise like jogging and/or weightlifting.
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Welcome Jenna!
Glad to see you posting on the 300+ threads. Our journey is different from others who have less to lose.
Patience used to be one of my downfalls. While I still get impatient I no longer allow it to derail me. I am a few years older than you and I am committed to getting my weight down to a much healthier level.
I think Atkins is a great plan. Some people use it to jump start their weight loss and then switch to something else. Others have great long term success with it. I suggest going to dietdoctor.com they have great advice, tons of success stories, and delicious recipes.
I would also encourage you to stick around here to give and get support. Our 300+ chat group can be a godsend on this journey.
As for exercise it is important for health but not weight loss. So start slow and find something you enjoy doing.
Make a commitment and don't let excuses derail you. This is not a journey where we have to stay and be perfect. There will be weeks you don't lose, weeks you may gain and times you will totally screw up. Welcome to reality. Treat yourself like you would a friend and you will succeed.
1st time around lost down to 248. Hunger and cravings came back with a vengeance.
Restart Dec. 2016 at 315, now doing Intermittent Fasting.

1st. Goal 248 - Met June 12th. 2017
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