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Losing what I had gained.

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Default Losing what I had gained.

A year and a half ago I was down to 248 pounds. I had made it to the promised land of below 250. I had a hysterectomy and every little bump in the road made it OK to gain "Just a pound".
At 248 I had gained the ability to cross my legs, gracefully get out of my chair/bed comfortably, easily tie my shoes, climb the stairs with out sounding like the big bad wolf, and most importantly calmed my sugar/carb induced mood swings.
I am now losing all of those wonderful gains I had made. I no longer walk with my head held high, a bounce in my step, and a smile on my face.
I want all that back. I want it for all of us.
I would like for this thread to be positive.
Perhaps you have a story or advice that has worked for you. Maybe a saying or quote that you think may help.
Please don't be shy. Step out of your comfort zone and post. You may never know how your words may help me or someone reading this.
Thank you.

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Ubee, I want those things too. I wish I had a success story or some good advice for you, but I don't. I struggle with my weight every day. I do know that I won't stop trying to lose weight. Gain, lose or stay the same, I will keep trying. I hope you will, too.

Success is a journey, not a destination. Focus on the process.

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Ubee, you are one of the main reasons that I come back here every day. And you are one of the main reasons that in spite of having the 40 pound regain (you are not alone in this journey!), that instead of repeating the lifetime pattern of just giving up and regaining it all plus about 30 more, I'm making myself get back on the bandwagon.

It will always be a struggle. Giving up my favorite foods for life just isn't going to happen. But we can learn to eat them in moderation. And at some point our desire to be able to live in a comfortable body and be able to do things with our family and friends means more than another piece of whatever we think is going to bring us momentary pleasure.

Part of what I've been trying to do lately is forcing myself to do things that are uncomfortable or literally hurt to do. Sounds nuts, but it's making me realize that if I just stayed on plan and lost the weight, I could do these things easily. So, when I begin to stray off plan, I make myself walk across a parking lot--no going through the drive thru--(when the siren call of fast food is sounding) or make myself go down the stairs to the basement and back up (when the siren call of whatever I think I want beckons). The huffing and puffing involved in those activities brings to mind that I really don't want to be this way anymore.

Find what works for you in terms of an instant reminder and then stick to it. I have found over the past few weeks that fighting the urge to eat (ok, the urge to binge) goes away much faster if I'm gasping for air and rubbing my knees from something as simple as going up and down one flight of stairs!

Hope this helps.


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Cindy thank you for your kind words. I am not going anywhere but I need to get this weight off.
Betsy good advice especially since I am doing this mostly for my health and to keep up with my very active special needs daughter.
I guess what I really need is a way to stop myself from giving into my inner brat. No is not a good enough reason for the brat anymore.
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