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Anyone been offered Diabetic medication to help lose weight?

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Default Anyone been offered Diabetic medication to help lose weight?

Hi All,

I'm about 356 right now and just got home from the endocrinologist. They've suggested Belvik and a few prescription diet pills I've seen on tv but my insurance doesn't cover it. Now they're talking about prescribing a diabetic medication to help excrete the sugar from my body. I'm not sure if this is such a good idea. Okay, I'm really in trouble, weight wise, but I worry if I could be digging myself a deeper, or another, hole in some way.

I had GBS in 2005 and gained it all back. I won't go back for another surg. or for a modification because I know I'll drink through it. (Soda is my biggest vice).

I'm just really afraid right now. I have torn ligaments in my shoulder, foot, and knee, and I know those are all weight related. I've been going to WW for almost a year and only dropped about 15lbs. Lost and gained more back too.

Any advice would be welcome. Thanks.

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Hi Young Grasshopper , I haven't had the experience but I know of people who have, usually it's Metformin to lose weight when they are NOT yet diabetic. I am doing something similar but the natural route w/Apple Cider Vinegar (Braggs) organic, unpasteurized and contains the "mother" as they call it lol. Supposedly it helps as well as many diabetic medications. I will say I noticed my weight loss really sped up when I began doing that in May of this year (prior to that, I had been on my weight loss journey since February and only lost around 9 lbs. from my 301.6 starting weight) since then I've lost 25 in 3 months. I personally use calorie counting on Myfitnesspal (you're welcome to add me if you're there or planning to join!) and I supplement my weight loss w/Cinnamon Biotin Chromium tablets from Natrol, Omega 3 supplements (I use flaxseed oil capsules but most people use fish oil) and a plain multivitamin. My highest was 350, and from what I understand sugar/carbs are a huge problem that should be conquered for a smaller body. So the Natrol, Braggs ACV and Flaxseed are meant to aid in my battle against carbs. I am not doing low carb, and I eat about 1700-2000 calories a day (depending on the day) and I don't exercise, hope this helps!

Just wanted to add, the Apple Cider Vinegar I add a couple of cap fulls to a bottled water that is about 8 oz. or less remaining shake the vinegar before adding and after adding to my water. I get real ground cinnamon in my food but topping my dessert w/it, or adding it to oatmeal, there are many ways you can work it into your daily calories. It tastes great (cinnamon), and is great for blood sugar, which in turn can make it easier for you to lose weight.

my screen name on Myfitnesspal (MFP) is Candidcamster (the same as here )

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Thanks for the response, Candid. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do. I'm debating trying to go back to something similar to Atkins. I have 7 weeks before my next endo appt. and I'm going to try to see how I do without the drugs.
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I wasn't yet technically diabetic when my doctor prescribed metformin, but my bloodsugars were in the prediabetic range.

The metformin was no miracle for weight loss or appetite suppression, at least not directly, but the bloodsugar regulation it provided made considerable difference in assisting with binge control.

The metformin helped prevent the bloodsugar crashes that cause the desperate, bottomless pit hunger that would inevitably lead to bingeing.

I'd recommend giving the metformin a try. It's not as appetite-suppressing as an amphetamine, but it's also not as dangerous. The effects are often subtle, so there's not likely to be any miraculous losses, but if you do have insulin resistance (and most of us over or near 300 lbs do), every bit of bloodsugar control helps.

It's also cheap (It's on the Walmart $4 list).

I didn't experience any noticeable side effects, while hubby (on a larger dose) did have mild upset stomach for a couple weeks until he got used to it.
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I started at 375 in June...and I was miserable. I didn't go to a Dr. but just overall I couldn't do much. If weight watchers isn't working..it isn't for everyone...find something else. You can start by reducing things you now aren't good (soda, sweets, high carb food) and maybe work on a chair exercise to get you moving a bit. I know its probably overwhelming, but it is doable.
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Well, I've had my doc changed my diabetic medication in hopes of side effects that would cause weight loss. It was a fail and I went back to my original janumet.

I'm one of those people that Weight Watchers doesn't work for. I think the group dynamic hinders me instead of helping me.
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