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Default Emotional day, getting rid of the "fat" clothes

I came across the bin full of my old clothes that I set aside last year. These were the clothes that I had worn all summer. I remember being excited at the beginning of the season because I could finally get in to a pair of jean shorts. They were the biggest size I could buy at the time, but I was finally wearing shorts again like a normal person! Then of course by the end of summer, I could barely keep those shorts from falling off my hips and all my shirts looked like tents. When I packed them away I thought, Iíll give it one year. If I can keep my weight off by next summer, then I will donate them. After all, most of my closet is made up of clothes that donít fit from the constant up and down of losing and gaining weight.

And today, one year later, I pulled the pair of jean shorts out of storage and tried them on. Wow. I could easily fit a large child or a small adult with me, there was so much room left! I immediately felt a rush of emotions Ė happy of course, for the first time in my life I was able to not only keep the weight off, but lose more, but I also felt sadness. How could I have let myself get so big? Why did I let so many years go by being unhappy? Why didnít I think I was worth it?

Tonight those clothes are in the trunk of my car, waiting to be dropped off at the donation center. It is time to move on to a new phase of life. No more holding on to the past. Battling my weight is a fight I will always have to be in, but I realize now I am worth the fight! There is no going back.
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That's awesome! Congrats to you!
"...We all have faith, and we all have hope, but we're all a little lost in the same damn boat..."
Mama to Baby MIB - 10/22/2015 (9lbs 12oz!)

The weight loss journey continues!
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Nice post.
A lot of good questions for us to think about.
I am very happy for you!
1st time around lost down to 248. Hunger and cravings came back with a vengeance.
Restart Dec. 2016 at 315, with Intermittent Fasting got down to 235 by mid August, 2017.
Restart again New Years 2018 at 263.
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Your post made me teary eyed! It's so great! Good Job! I can't wait till I get to that point... so very exciting!
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I am so proud of you. I think that all the time. Why don't I think I'm worth it?Why did I keep putting my health last and wasting my life rotting on a couch, stuffing my face????? Why did I refuse to let myself be happy??? I can't wait to have lost as much as you have and to look back and realize how far I've come and how much I've accomplished. You're doing an amazing job. Thank you so much for posting this - it has made me realize (again) how excited I am to be putting my health first!
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Thanks for the praises everyone. I know it's not your typical post on this forum, not asking for advice or a weight challenge... but I felt the urge to share. We're all different, yet so many of us are going through the same things/ same emotions in our weight loss journeys.

It wasn't long ago I was on this forum saying, I'm just content to be super obese, content to try to learn to be happy even though I was secretly very unhappy. If you're someone out there lurking about the thread (like me) I am here to say YOU are worth it and YOU can lose the weight!
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This is wonderful thread!!! So motivating and inspiring!! Thank you very much. Yes that is true, it's not typical post, but it is great;-) I dream to get rid of my big clothes too! My congratulations to you. Great job;-)
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Good for you. Big milestone and very encouraging.
Atkins (DANDR) Since August 2013

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