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Default frustration!

ok so this is more like a whine/rant/vent than anything but maybe someone has some adivce.
for 3 weeks i have been walking 3-3.5 miles atleast 4 days a week. first week i gained 2 pounds, second week i lost 6, this week ive gained back 4 already. i just dont get it. before i started seriously excercising i was losing really consistenly with diet and excercise and the help of adipex. i dont know if its because im about 20ish pounds from my first mini goal or if im plateauing or what but this is frustrating. i really really want to be in the 200's by the end of next month, and i think im psyching myself out or what.
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I know my weight jumps all over the place. If I stay on plan I will lose. I had lost 12 lbs then had a gain 2 wks in a row then lost 6 the next wk.
I can gain up to 6 lbs when I'm ovulating. But will lose it plus some within 2 wks.
Just keep at it!!!
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Our bodies have their own understanding of our "normal" weight;-)) We can gain and lose simply without any reasons! But when it comes to women i know that probably 99% of us are gaining weight when we ovulate, or just before periods to start. So maybe this is the reason of changing of your weight?
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Ditto what others have said. And, when the scale trends up on a "monthly" basis, it's not, of course, really a pound of fat we've gained--it's water retention.

In addition, when I started adding some jogging intervals, I found my weight went up drastically, and I was reading about how we build muscle--and it seems there's a stage in there that causes water retention in our muscles. When my legs stopped aching from the added jogging, the "gain" went away as quickly as it had come.

The bigger we are, the more water we can retain.

Remember, salty food--or inadequate hydration--can also cause water retention from day to day.

Hydrate, be aware of monthly fluctuations (I find weighing daily helps there), and recognize that if the scale is up 2 pounds today and down 3 the day after tomorrow, you're still headed in the right direction. And those 2 pounds gained were probably water.

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I agree. It's just water... don't give up! Sometimes the scale can really mess with your head... trust me I know! Just keep doing the right things and the weight will come off. You're doing good!
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Don't lose faith.
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so last week i was at 319 when i weighed friday woot woot after a horrible no excercise weekend i was back up monday. but you guys are right im positive its water retention. which is ok... my walking group has set a goal to do a run or dye in sept .. so i hope atleast i dye instead of die
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