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unsuspected 04-25-2014 03:31 PM

The Journal Journey
Hello all, i'm quite new and I'm going to be using this space as my online journal to accompany my paper journal. I guess I'll start off by sharing my story, then I'll just post what comes as it comes! I love to log recipes that worked, nutritional infos, weight loss things that are for larger people, all sorts of things.

Please feel free to post and share insight! :hug: If you see something I may have done wrong, let me know! I would like if it wasnt in an a-holeish way though lol.

About me:

I am an 18 year old female living in Fl. I am always at home and have nearly nothing to do besides clean the house, play with my dog, cook every meal, and sleep!
I am trying to find ways to incorporate diet and exercise into my entire day, because I can have as many goals as I want...but they nearly never get accomplished during the day. (I am a night owl, but I am always asleep at night to allow the other people in my home to relax)

(Will continue to update)

Things I have on hand:
5LBS weights
Yoga ball


To be able to become an avid runner
To be able to play with my dog without nearly passing out
To be able to educate not only myself but my family, whom I live with(Mom and Grandma)
To be able to realize I cannot help people who do not want help, and to worry about myself only, and to be selfish enough to do this for myself.
To get my GED and be able to accomplish it without feeling low about myself.
To live a healthy and action packed life, with outdoors and events and all things adventurous.
To get my license!

Weight loss goals:
Starting weight- 330
Current weight- 325 (Approx)
Goal weight- 120-40

In my wildest dreams, I would like to lose 10lbs a week. But I know that's unhealthy and unreasonable. For the first few weeks I know I will drop major weight due to water and new action for my body, but once my body is ready to shed fat, I hope to at LEAST lose 5 lbs a week.

Best walk time (1 mile) -
Best walk time (2 mile) -

Best jog/walk time (1 mile) -
Best jog/walk time (2 mile) -

unsuspected 04-25-2014 03:40 PM

Mini goal post.

330(Starting weight) - 4/20/14
240(First 100 Goal!)
140 Inital Goal weight. (Depends on body figure)

Mrs Snark 04-25-2014 03:50 PM

Popping in because I see you live in Florida, as I do! So WELCOME and good luck from a fellow Floridian! I look forward to following your progress! :)

unsuspected 04-25-2014 10:30 PM

Day 1
Hello Mrs Snark! I checked out your progress photos, really inspirational :D Hola to you in florida!

Todayyyy was my very first day really back on track with my weight loss, and I actually feel really happy/at ease after my first official workout.

Workouts done today:
3 laps around my neighborhood walking and jogging. = .6+.6+.6=1.8 mile
3 times around my neighborhood on my bike. = .4+.4+.4=1.2 mile *
Some funky exercises I made up on my yoga ball :exercise:

For Breakfast I had a Banana.
For lunch a Spam sandwhich consisting of 2 pieces of white bread (I know..:S) 2 small slices of spam (even worsee) and light serving of mayo (better than mustard that I was planning on using!) and lots of Lettuce :)
For dinner I had a subway sandwhich, which consisted of Black forest ham, Provolone cheese, lots of spinach and lettuce & a dash of honey mustard.
My mother got herself chips and cookies with hers, quite proud of myself, really.

unsuspected 04-26-2014 07:50 AM


Things I've done so far:
Took my first Phentermine
My greentea is steeping (Replacing coffee :s)
Looking up recipes for a lettuce omelette

Things I want to do:
Go to the plant sale
Bike 4 times around neighborhood
Walk 2 miles

I feel well today :) Naturally happy, I don't know how I could ever quit this.
I woke up STARVING and I hope I can find a recipe soon. Some things I should probably try once in my life. See you guys in a bit.

Foods I want to try:
raw onion (will only eat near mushy sauteed onions)
green peppers (and all the other colors)
vinegar of sorts
> will add more later.

unsuspected 04-26-2014 04:24 PM

Hello guys, weighed in today! from my initial 335 that I was, I am now 323lbs :) 13lbs in a little over a week by simply changing and sticking with my diet. I did go to the plant sale, it was HUGE and walked the entire thing. Lot's of rude people who don't even garden..weird. I am preparing to go for my bike ride and will walk my 2 miles when it is cooler and the sun has gone down.

For breakfast I ended up having 1 1/2 scrambled eggs, my dog took 1/2 of my egg!

For lunch I had a spinach pie, which wasnt really a pie... it had feta cheese and spinach inside a deep fried pocket of sorts. I wasnt happy with it but i'll deal.

Not sure what i'm cooking for dinner yet.

2 hot/lukewarm Green teas with 2 sugar packs a piece. *
2 bottles of water
working on a Blueberry White Tea from Arizona.

*1 - not sure the size, it was the size of the typical slushie mug they sell plastic now.
*2 - this was my first time trying green tea and i LOVE it, I'm going to eventually kick out the sugar and enjoy the tea itself, as the 2 sugars are too much already for me.
*3 - learned from someone that green tea is best for "weight loss" when it is hot!

unsuspected 04-26-2014 07:20 PM

And im back!
For dinner ive had a golden delicious apple, cut it into slices, about half of it.
And thennnnn i spread about 2 tablespoons of peanut butter on multigrain bread, layered on the slices and there was dinner. I also ate the rest of the apple.
Ive had 2 or 3 bottles of water
I biked about one n a half miles, then i walked my dog about the same length.

I have a new buddy in my neighborhood who wants to start walking and jogging with me, so once the sun goes down ill be out!

unsuspected 04-27-2014 05:38 PM

Good afternoon.

For breakfast I had a well done egg with my green tea. Had another green tea, then went to lunch.
For lunch I had water, salmon (first time I tried it) and a small side of salad with no dressing, and asparagus.

For dinner I will be cooking salmon with white rice and snap peas :).

I guess I also forgot to mention that I am taking phentermine, and of all the reviews I've seen, I've gotten none of the weird side effects.
This is only day 2 of it as well :) It certainly does take away any cravings as well as appetite, because instead of wanting and neeeding to eat, i ate because it was time and my tummy rumbled of hunger and not craving of food!

unsuspected 04-28-2014 11:12 PM

Geez this site wouldnt load for anything in the world today.

Breakfast: missed, slept!
Lunch: missed, cleaning!
Dinner: 1 slice of multigrain bread, thin layer of peanut butter with apple slices

I've had about 3-4 green teas and idk how much water :)

I think i'm excited for weigh in saturday.
I feel funny tonight, I think the phentermine works too well. I know I need to eat way more than I did today, I hope I can get something in my system tomorrow! ;)

unsuspected 05-01-2014 06:10 PM

I havent posted because...I wasnt probably doing my best.
There is absolutely nothing but simple carbs in this house, i cant get away from them.
I only have to stick it out for a couple more days.
Since I havent been eating right I havent been motivated.

Checked in for now. Down to 316 though.

Mrs Snark 05-02-2014 07:02 PM

Hang tough! Being surrounded by tempting food is very hard! But you can do it!

Pattience 05-02-2014 07:08 PM

hi there. I'm wondering do you buy your own food? Maybe you could buy some more fruit and vegetables.

And you can join in on our daily fruit and vegetable thread in the whole foods forum.

It must be hard living surrounded by junk food and people eating it. I couldn't do it. I really couldn't. Here i have my own fridge and shelves for my food. I live with my father. He is pretty good with his food but eats also ice-cream and cakes and stuff so i try to look the other way when he does that. But being separate makes it easier. You probably have more people in your house and i know space can be an issue.

Maybe you could try negotiating with your family to have some space for your own food and kitchen time. Tell them you are trying to learn to eat healthier and want to lose weight. Maybe you might be able to get some of them to come along with you. Maybe one day you could offer to cook a healthy meal for everyone. Or offer to do it once a week. You could work out your menu and recipes here on this site and we could help you if you like. If you think of doing that i'd suggest starting a whole new thread.

alyssarof2012 05-18-2014 09:25 PM

Hope you're doing better! Don't give up. I think you should still write about the days you don't do so well. It will be good for you to look back on and keep you in control in the moment since having to write about it will still be on your mind. Even if there are less-than-ideal foods in the house you can still practice getting better at self control, portion control, workout consistency, calorie counting (if you do that), etc. Make the best out of a bad situation.
I'm rooting for you! :)

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