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Ubee 04-01-2014 09:01 AM

300+ Chat Thread: April, 2014

We are a group of individuals who weigh or have weighed 300+, or near there. This group was formed to provide a place for others like us to find support, inspiration, and hope. We are aware of the distinct problems that come with weighing over 300 lbs.

We want to invite everyone (roosters as well as chicks!) to join us in our journey. We share laughter and tears, heartaches and fears ... joys and celebrations. We also share what works for us and what doesn't.

We have found this thread to be more than just a support group... we have found it to become a home. We invite you to join us!

Ubee 04-01-2014 09:06 AM

Happy April!
Starting the new month out with a big pot of coffee.
As the scale crept up even higher today I will now committ to eating only between the hours of 8am-4pm. I need to watch my portions and mindless eating. Hopefully if I only have to stay aware for 8 hours it will help.
What is everyone else up to?

silentarctic 04-01-2014 10:33 AM

Ubee - We'll get it back, my eating has not been the cleanest the past few days either. We can do this, I can get under 300 and you can get back on track too.

We have to!

I am feeling under the weather but I still packed my workout gear hoping I can muster the energy to workout tonight.

Radiojane 04-01-2014 11:16 AM

You can do it Ubee!

My job is getting annoyingly dramatic this week. It's only going to get worse through the month I think. Oh well.

I did get my swim in yesterday, but it's been so freakin' cold the dog has no desire to go for a long walk, and neither do I. If it doesn't warm up tonight I'll do some yoga or weights maybe. My swim was intense so I'm waiting to see if I get any muscle soreness.

Down .4 this morning. Hope I can continue the losing trend.

Have a great day everyone!

Ubee 04-01-2014 11:34 AM

Thanks Silent! I know we can and will do this, that is why I show up everyday. You are only 5 pounds away from getting under 300. I am 12 ponds away from getting under 250. My 3rd big but not final goal.
I hope you are feeling better. Good job on planning ahead with the workout clothes!
Yipee Jane .4! I know you talk about living with less stress. My hubby and I agree. Since our last one (except for our autistic daughter) is about to work at a summer camp and then go off to college with a boat load of scholarships we decided to change his job. His pay, time at work and responsibility will all go way down. Nervous and so excited!
I am getting so pumped. We can do this! :grouphug:

betsy2013 04-01-2014 11:51 AM

Good morning all. Ubee, thanks for starting us off on a new month! Where is the year going?

Ubee We can do this. We WILL do this. We want to do this. And I've decided I want this more than potato chips, ice cream, and chocolate. I tore off the very mottled looking calendar page for March and looked at the blank one for April. I am committed to having an entire month of completely colored in days. Even if we don't lose an ounce during the month, just eating right for a month would be a big behavior change. Let's do it! Good luck with the change for your husband. Sounds like a great life style change.

Jane Way to go -- both on watching that scale go down and getting in that exercise even when winter refuses to say goodbye to you.

SilentArctic It is so hard to get back on track after a great vacation. Actually, it's hard to get back on track after just about anything that throws us off. Want to join us (hopefully others will join me in the Solid April coloring contest) and try to have a solid month of completely colored in days on your calendar?

Around the beginning of May I know that I will be getting lots of exercise as I'll have to take a scythe to the yard by then. We (Bill and I share a riding mower) took the mower in for repairs yesterday and won't get it back for three weeks. By then, we'll have a hay crop. The rain has stopped so I'm going to force myself to get some yard work done. Meeting a friend from the distant past high school days for lunch tomorrow, but will be having a chicken roasted beet salad. And today I'm trying to rehydrate some freezer burned chicken and pork by simmering them in broth at a low temp in the oven for several hours, shredding the meat and then fixing some sort of pulled meat dishes. Think I'll make a chicken taco salad with salsa as the dressing for tonight. Maybe some sort of barbequed pork -- we'll see! Have a great day. Have to go order the Trex to replace some boards on the deck, hit the gym, and then hit the yard.

Terra1984 04-01-2014 06:00 PM

I walked three times today. Im gonna get weighed when I go see my doctor on the 15th, I hope I've loss more weight, I hope Im in the 280's by then.

Ubee 04-02-2014 07:35 AM

Good Morning!
I want to lose weight!
Betsy I turned the calender over and forgot all about the colored squares. Thanks for reminding me. I'm going to use a brighter color this month. I have one day in! I'm glad you want this more then junk food. I think we have to remind ourselves of that daily. I am so with you on wanting to do the whole month. Was your visit and salad as good as it sounded?
Terra great job with the walks! I think having to weigh in at the Doctors every month is a great way to stay accountable. I hope you see the 280's also. What are you using to count your calories? Something like My Fitness Pal?
Jane your new picture is great! You have come so far!
Silent and Terra will you be joining us in coloring your calendar square on your on plan days? It is a great visual motivator.
How is everyone doing?

Radiojane 04-02-2014 11:33 AM

I actually took that probably close to a year ago. I just needed a visual reminder that I've come really far and haven't regained.

I should dig that dress out... see if it's looser!

I'm up 1.7 today but as I've now said in like 6 threads, I had my nephews sleep over and I'm exhausted. I think the lack of sleep did it.

Have a great day everyone!

silentarctic 04-02-2014 11:35 AM

Sorry gals no calendar for me, I'd lose the colouring contest already, April 1st was not a winning day for me. Nachos and cheese for supper. Even though I don't have a defined plan thats not "on plan" by anyones definition. I'm feeling tired and slightly defeated today.

Ironically I thought the scale would be super high because of the salt content last night but not so much it was still in the 305 range. I need to get it together but I just am not feeling it...

Radiojane 04-02-2014 11:40 AM

You know, I've come to the conclusion that you do have to be in the losing "headspace". I no longer beat myself up about the lack of losses in the last 8 or 9 months because I'd worked so hard for so long that I just wanted to focus on other things. You'll get back there Arctic!

time4me2change 04-02-2014 12:18 PM

Hey everyone

I am finally starting to feel better. So I went back to work today.

I did have a great time on vacation and am at least happy that I didn't get sick until my last night on vacation.

Apparently I'm down a few pounds, but might see some increase in the next couple of days as I am eating again (though I have been at this weight for 36 hours after eating food again)......

Hope you all are having a good day :)

betsy2013 04-02-2014 12:19 PM

Good morning all. Two days in a row without rain -- Yipardee! (Doesn't take much to get me excited at this age!).

Where is everyone? Hope that our missing brethren are doing well.

Jane Love the pics and totally understand about the exhaustion when the little ones come for a visit. Love having them come. Love having them go home. And I agree -- our headspace has to be in it. But maintaining definitely counts as having your headspace in it for me because I can pass by the bakery counter in the grocery store and just the aroma will add on a pound or two! :mad: (It might have been helped a little bit by the samples they always have out.)

SilentArctic -- Who says the month has to start with the 1st? After giving my rah-rah post yesterday, I had a complete melt down last night. Potato chips (entire bag), onion dip (entire container), double stuff oreos (managed not to eat them all!), and topped off with ice cream. So, I'm recommitting today and will just pretend that April 1st was not really the start of the month. Heck, if I could get a week of solid days, I'd be thrilled. Commit to what seems like a realistic goal and Ubee and I will come up with a cheer for you. :hug:

Terra Walking like you do is a goal. Right now I'm still too heavy to enjoy walking because it hurts so much. But I'm beginning to notice a change in the stair climbing. I've told you before -- you're one of my inspirations.

Ubee Bright colors and actually getting to color in a day -- you're ahead of me! So glad you're doing this. I'm recommitting today after last night's disaster. I'm just going to pretend that this is a Leap Year February in terms of number of days in a row. Today is the day for the lunch -- hopefully it will be good!

Does anyone use vinegar water for washing their veggies and fruits? I have always bought the produce wash to get the residues off of stuff from the store, but read about just adding 1/8 to 1/2 cup of white vinegar to a bowl of water and tossing in your fruits and veggies. Not only does it get the dirt and residual pesticides off, it also evidently is supposed to help with making it last longer. Just wondered if anyone else has had experience with using that technique. Off to get myself beautiful or at least presentable. Have a great day!

Radiojane 04-02-2014 12:27 PM

We eat ours so fast (I purposely have a small fridge because we end up wasting so much with more space), that I don't know if it preserves it longer, but I usually wash everything in water with a dash of vinegar. There's so much crap on most store bought stuff now that it's worth while.

Ubee 04-02-2014 01:56 PM

Good Afternoon!
Sun is shining and it is warm. Snow for tomorrow.
Betsy I used to love chips and dip. I so understand the whole bag. If I have one potato chip now it starts to give me a gall bladder attack. Do you want to borrow my gall bladder when the chip urge strikes? (Whoa Nightmares!) I am so lazy but I suppose I should do a better job of washing fruits and veggies. Glad you are recommitting. Get your colors ready!
Melissa glad you are better and joining us.
Silent did you notice my 300+ Dropout thread? That was my way of getting my head back in the game. Jane is right we need to focus on other things too. I need balance its just hard to get. Stay with us we all get it!
Jane dig that dress out and try it on. That 1.7 is just how much your heart grew spending time with the kiddos!
I want to lose weight! (Yes that is my new saying. Sorry if it bugs you.)

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