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gggirls 03-01-2014 05:16 PM

300+ Getting Fit After 40 #319

This group is for those dealing with the challenges of being fit when you have a significant amount of weight to lose which becomes harder after age 40. If you're an old or new friend and not over 40 and feel this is the place to post, jump right in!

j-ann 03-01-2014 05:33 PM

March arrived in central NY like a lamb, clear and single digit cold but we got to 33 this afternoon. Some snow every day until mid-week. Temps are now dropping back into teens and maybe getting to the low 20s for highs through Wednesday - then we have a 3 day climb to the mid 40's. We'll need shorts and sun tan lotion!

Stressful afternoon yesterday. Leaking toilet. The maint. guys came and fixed it right away but I actually threw myself into hot flashes over it. I did not eat though. YES! Actually wasn't hungry but I had so many points left that at around 8 I did have some chicken and a pkg. of Green Giant cauliflower in cheese sauce. I still ended up under points but it was a reasonable #. 4 pts I think.


dgramie 03-02-2014 06:38 AM

Went to my grandsons bday yesterday. Pizza was lunch at the party but I was ok with that. Three of my little ones came home with me and spent the night. They were awake at 4 am. It will make for a really long day!!!!!
Hoping my son gets here before the bad weather does. We are suppost to get ice today.
Hubby's labs all were great and dr was thrilled. I know his a1c is up but she hasn't gotten that back yet. Guess she will call if it's bad! He agreed with her it's time to get his numbers back down and he did pretty good yesterday. Today we are back to counting his carbs. I may try it myself for a month and see if I can lose. He is allowed 45 per meal. I will set my goal lower.

Praying we don't lose power in this storm.

Vortex_VVV 03-02-2014 09:33 AM

Thanks for getting us started, Carol. I posted in Feb. yesterday because I forgot it was March! And how are you doing?

Judy, we had a nice-ish day here yesterday too, but like Debbie we're expecting ice/sleet/snow all day today. Aarrggh. Wish I shared your low appetite problem, but I am finding that really pushing fruits and veggies is helping me keep my fingers out of the weekly points.

Debbie, so glad DH's numbers were good. Here's hoping we both keep our power today!

Well, all the sudden the scale is going down a little every day. I've been in this territory earlier this year, and I'm still not going to make this leg of the diet bet, but I'm hoping maybe I can catch up next month. Boy, it would be really nice to get at least SOME of my money back.

POP since Feb. 24 (6-day streak) -- WI on Feb. 24: 280

j-ann 03-02-2014 10:35 AM

Yesterday was a good one. I was POP.

Today I slept until after 9AM. That's almost unheard of for me but I had a couple toss and turn nights in a row so I must have needed to catch up. Even the dog slept in. Think I'll just stay in and watch the snow fall today.

Stealing this from Angela:
POP since Feb. 24 (6-day streak) -- WI on Feb. 27: 278.8

dgramie 03-03-2014 07:00 AM

Pop day yesterday. Woohoo!!
Grandkids made it home before the storm got bad! I adore them but wasn't looking forward to being snowed in with them. The youngest was running fever and they took her to the dr. She has double ear infections.

We ended up with a inch plus of sleet and freezing rain and then a couple of inches of snow on top of that. I am very thankful it's almost over and we didn't lose power.

I am noticing if I eat dairy I am bloated and miserable. Will start watching it and decide what's causing it and avoid it!!!
Guess our bodies change as we age.

Today I think hubby will have leftovers for lunch and dinner may be veggie soup.

Vortex_VVV 03-03-2014 08:52 AM

Glad we had a good Sunday. Judy, our numbers are so close…

I was fine eating and exercise wise yesterday, but lacked motivation for much of anything else. I have to figure out how to be more resilient in the face of minor obstacles like weather.

Well, here's to a better Monday.

POP since Feb. 24 (7-day streak) -- WI on Feb. 24: 280

j-ann 03-03-2014 09:14 AM

I notice that yesterday Angela! We are pacing each other. Looks like I have a little catching up to do. :)

It's so cold out. 6 I think. I need to get to the store today, or tomorrow at the latest. I'm starting to run low on everything. :( If the sun stays out it should warm the interior of the car a bit. That will make me think it's warmer out than I think as I wait for the engine to warm up. I'll decide as the day goes on.

Deb, I'm glad your kids got home. Hopefully the sleet and ice will melt soon.

Heather, Carol, Ubee, and everyone else. Hope you're doing okay.

Let's shoot for a really good week!

POP since Feb. 24 (7-day streak) -- WI on Feb. 27: 278.8

dgramie 03-03-2014 07:39 PM

Hubby's dr called his a1c was 7.7. She isn't happy.
We were pop today and both got exercise shoveling snow and ice. 45 carbs max per meal for him and I'm shooting for under 100 per day I think.

dgramie 03-04-2014 07:42 AM

Today starts the slow warm up.
I plan to start working on paperwork I am behind on. Today I need to call about insurance. Seems like it keeps going up.
I am not sure if I will get kids today or not. I'm ready for spring and having a routine. I get the kids back in order and we have snow and messes everything up. Can't wait to be able to take them outside to play.

Food today will be pop!! Not sure yet what it will be but it will be pop!!

j-ann 03-04-2014 10:12 AM

Hi Ladies and Larry! :wave:

I'm still POP. Since my w/i is on Thurs. I'm hoping it shows on the scale. 2 days to go.

The dog's agility class got canceled, again, due to the horrid cold. I think I might make a run to BJs in a bit. I need things that come in big packages, like butter lettuce and broccoli among other things. FYI one plastic box of their lettuce is equal to at least 6-8 of the bags from the supermarket and fresh heads are a lot more expensive here as well. It stays fresh longer too.

Can't wait for it to warm into the 30s. Maybe by Thursday if we are lucky.

POP since Feb. 24 (8-day streak) -- WI on Feb. 27: 278.8

Vortex_VVV 03-04-2014 07:21 PM

Hi all. Doing okay here, but like the rest of you, tired of the weather. Tired of working all day, too, but I have more to do this evening.

Hang in there, let's have a good Wednesday.

POP since Feb. 24 (8-day streak) -- WI on Feb. 24: 280

dgramie 03-05-2014 07:34 AM

I am not catholic but like the idea of giving up something for lent. I am giving up Facebook. I spend to much time on it. I am also giving up junk. If it's not healthy then I don't need it. I will still eat a few chips at Mexican. I will limit it to 8.
I am finishing the scarfs I have yarn for and then put it all away. Time to be active and not sit so much.
Carbs were high yesterday. I had subway for lunch.

j-ann 03-05-2014 08:06 AM

Good day again yesterday. WooHoo!

I hope everyone is having a good week and remembering to think well of themselves.

POP since Feb. 24 (9-day streak) -- WI on Feb. 27: 278.8

Vortex_VVV 03-05-2014 08:42 AM

Had a loss this week for the first time in a while. Hard to say whether that's TOM's departure or my experiment. But, WW decided to throw a wrinkle in my plan and reduce my daily points because of today's WI. So I think I'm going to compromise and say I'll stick to my NEW daily points total this week, BUT I can go over by exactly 1 a couple of days if I need to. Next week I'll stick to the new daily total exactly. I was just getting used to 44… need a little time to adjust to 43.

Hope everyone's thawing out…

POP since Feb. 24 (9-day streak) -- WI on Feb. 24: 280

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