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pluckypear 01-15-2014 08:11 PM

What's for dinner?
Hello, I have posted this on another thread but thought it would be fun to keep it in the 300 pound thread especially since I spend most of my time here. :) I hope the idea catches on and that we can get ideas of what to have for dinner.

What's for dinner?

pluckypear 01-15-2014 08:13 PM

I sautéed: extra lean ground chicken, leeks, and mushrooms then added some tomato sauce and poured this on top of raw baby spinach. It was yummy.

Jaqs 01-16-2014 01:44 AM

I did a weekly meal prep the other day, main diner courses, grilled chicken, asparagus and quinoa, and the other is turkey meatballs, roasted butternut squash and brown rice. My meals get repetitive, will have to lurk in this thread a bit. I also keep ground turkey, and mixed veggies ready in my fridge, grab, heat and go seems to work great.

pluckypear 01-16-2014 10:51 AM

Skinless boneless chicken breasts baked (marinated)
baked sweet potatoes
baby spinach

Locke 01-16-2014 11:03 AM

This week is baked chicken breast or fish, a hasselback potato, and steamed green beans.

watchoutforthatcar 01-16-2014 11:44 AM

I'm on a sauteed kick. Last night I had sauteed mushrooms, bell peppers, and asparagus with ground beef with olive oil. For lunch today it was that with chicken and tonight it will be ground beef again. lolol. So good! I put hot sauce in it just before its done cooking. Amazing!

pluckypear 01-17-2014 10:32 AM

watchoutforthatcar I usually sauté my dinner. I just find it easy and I end up just using a little olive oil, coconut fat or butter. :)

Tonight I am having:

spicy black beans (can of eden organic black beans with chili peppers)
canned tomatoes mixed with the beans
bag of frozen peppers and mixed veg. thrown in (have no more fresh veg)

Locke 01-17-2014 02:33 PM

I'm going to make bierocks this weekend. Ground beef, cabbage, and onion sauteed together and served in pita pockets. My Danish grandmother would hit me for putting them in pita pockets but they're easier than making my own bread, and fewer calories. :3

pluckypear 01-18-2014 12:36 AM

Locke I had never heard of bierocks and had to look up images on google. They look so good. Do you use regular cabbage or sauerkraut? I noticed some recipes use sauerkraut. I love sauerkraut but have never cooked with it I usually just eat it plain.

I am going out for brunch tomorrow so will aim for a lighter dinner.

tofu with veggies and mushroom sauce on top sweet potatoes

Dreamgyrl 01-20-2014 01:56 PM

I do very well when I follow Denise Austin's eating "rule" (or at least this is where I first heard of this lol):

Breakfast - eat like a King
Lunch - eat like a Queen
Dinner - eat like a Pauper

so dinner for me is usually a bowl of oatmeal, fruits or veggies. Luckily for me, I live alone so I don't have to worry about feeding anyone else. lol So while I won't be posting much, I will be lurking this thread for ideas!

Chardonnay 01-20-2014 03:42 PM

I'm not in the 300 club, but I'll post if you all don't mind :)
My bf loves Shepherd's Pie, so I'm making a variation of it with lean ground lamb, a mix of potatoes/cauliflower and a base of fresh corn. I was going to make it with ground chicken, but lamb was on sale this week. We have recently tried going dairy-free due to digestive issues, so I'm adding just rice milk and a trace of olive oil to the mashed potatoes/cauliflower mix. I hope it turns out well! I took the idea and modified the recipe from Martha Stewart's website, she called for 6 tbsp of butter (eek)...

lemc87 01-20-2014 11:47 PM

Stuffed peppers and a side of basmati rice. I didn't eat all of mine. It's amazing how hefty peppers are!

lemc87 01-21-2014 05:23 PM

Having boneless, skinless chicken breast tonight with a salad or something. Keeping it light.

OthelloLove 01-21-2014 05:57 PM

Pan fried Pork chops and Brussels sprouts!! The kids are having pork chops and rice.

edoetsch1 01-21-2014 06:32 PM

Tonight it was beef stew.. 370 calories for a 1 cup serving

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