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Ubee - no not much they can do it's all likely viral colds etc. It's really unlikely to be something other than that... . They're going to tell me to get enough rest, drink lots of fluids, and if I'm in pain take tylenol for the pain. I don't think that's worth wasting their time. (if I called I'd probably not get an appointment for 3 weeks anyhow so...) one of those winter things you have to grin and bear. :-|

Sam - You're just rockin it!

Night - Oh dear now I want my version of sheppards pie which is not nearly as fancy as yours but still meaty carby goodness...

Jane hope you feel better soon too.

Still icky, but trying to keep truckin at work.
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rockin' my 60s!
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Well, my weigh-in this morning put me at 291, which is 2 lbs over my ticker weight but 4 lbs down since 12/22, so I'm calling it a good month gone by. Doom and Gloom can go darken someone else's door. I'm psyched for an even better result on 2/22, which will be my 59th birthday.

And it's a bright sunny day with piles o' pretty white stuff all over the place: Bob is going to have to shovel the driveway so I can get to the post office! And the forecast is for it to stay below freezing for a couple of days, so the DC area is snowbound for the time being. =big silly grin= That's the face of a gal who grew up in the tropical city of Houston.

Locke— What Jane said about YouTube and swimming is great advice, of course. I do low-impact leg exercises every single day. Simple to explain: you alternate legs between days, so the leg you just worked out always gets a day of rest. You do leg lifts, half lying on your side (like on a couch is fine) and half lying on your back. Do as many as you can do, counting them out in groups of 10: that counts as a set. (Music with a good beat makes it much more fun.) In between sets, while you're waiting for your breathing & heart rate to return to normal, you can work out your lower leg by pointing your toes, pulling your toes back toward your knee, pointing them, and so on. (I don't bother to count the lower leg work.) Do at least 3 sets for starters, then gradually work up on the number of reps (repetitions) per set, and add sets as well. I'm up to 5 sets of 120 reps (total of 600 lifts) per day (again, alternating legs between days), and that's where I'm holding steady. It makes a huge difference in how easy it is to climb stairs, which is key for me since I live in a 2-story house. And just walking around...so much more comfortable when you have good healthy butt/thigh/calf muscles....

Jane— Sorry to hear about your TOM blues...there are definitely some advantages to getting older. Another one is that you've read more books and watched more current events go by than younger people, so in theory, at least, you're wiser. I like being wise, or at least thinking that I am—HA!

Sam— Your chicken fajitas sound great! I find that eating low-carb lends itself to a lot of rolled-up foods: when I want a "sandwich," for example, I roll up a slice of cheese inside a slice of lunch meat, inside a big piece of lettuce—or just the cheese & meat without the lettuce, whatever. It's a nice excuse to go to the deli counter and have them slice up a bunch of cheese and meat for you! By the way, if you're doing low-carb, the cheese and sour cream with Tex-Mex food are no problem: just stay away from the beans and rice and anything that started out life as a tortilla. It really helps you stay satisfied for longer, to include plenty of fat in every meal. My husband made me a yummy Tex-Mex omelet for breakfast today, with lots of cheese, jalapeρos, and nopalitos (cactus). They carry pickled nopalitos in little jars now—definitely a tasty addition to anything Tex-Mex.

Ubee— So are your hormones acting up 'cause you're going through the big final blast of 'em before they dry up completely? There is light at the end of that tunnel, trust me. Life without reproductive hormones is so much smooooooother. Say, when are you going to post your starting weight, current weight, and goal weight? I was looking forward to seeing those numbers, so I can be inspired by what you've accomplished!

silent— So sorry to hear you're under the weather again! i can understand about getting carbo cravings when you're sick: You already know this, but do remember that it's so much easier if you can hold off on taking that first bite, since eating carbos begets eating more carbos 'til there's no end in sight. Have you read my yappy dog scenario for fighting the urge when it first appears? You might find it helpful...just a thought...

edoetsch— Welcome to the group! I hope you'll come back and tell us more about yourself. Posting here on a daily basis makes a big difference in how motivated and focused you feel about this longterm project we're all engaged in.

Betsy— 'Glad to hear you've got that re-boot feeling working for you. You know, you can come here and post when you're feeling bummed out and tempted to eat junk, or right after you ate the junk, whenever: what I mean is, you don't always have to be our cheerleader. Support is just as important, if not more so, when you're not doin' so hot. =warm smile=

Donna— It's good to see you back! I'm sorry to hear about your marital problems: life ain't always easy for us bipolar gals, is it? It's so important to have a steady companion—definitely worth making it your #1 priority for as long as it takes to get things back to an even keel.

Melissa— How is this semester different from the last one? Do you have different patterns of responsibilities and stresses? Just curious....

Terra— Way to go with all your walking! Please come here and post every day if you can: it really helps...

Chris, Larry— 'Haven't heard from you guys in a day or more: I hope this isn't too much of a hen club for you! Feel free to come talk about it if things aren't going so well...

Well, it looks like Bob's got the driveway clear now, so I need to start getting my act together...Getting the vintage stamps (and faux postage) on my postcards hand-cancelled is well worth the trouble it takes to go to the P.O. and wait in line. Mail art is actually a type of performance art, where I collaborate with postal workers and with random impingements (water smudges, dirt, dog bites, you name it) to create the finished product. There is no such thing as "damage" to a piece of mail art: it's all part of the art. =grin= Speaking of which, if any of y'all would enjoy getting a collage postcard from me, just drop me your address in a private message. I love adding new folks to my list of recipients!

Current mini-goal: Get BACK down to 260
Pounds to go: 7

Mini-goal 1: 30 days binge-free —> done 12/21/13 & binge-free now
Mini-goal 2: Get down to 280 —> done 5/22/14
Mini-goal 3: Get down to 260 —> done 1/1/16

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Thank you all for the welcome! Got my scale today! What a great 35th Birthday gift! I ripped that baby open and got right on! lol I am down 9lbs since I weighed in last at work. I am super happy about that. Now I can weigh in on the same scale for a more accurate reading. Even though I am at 500lbs, I must say I do feel blessed after watching My 600lb life last night. The lady featured was only 30lbs heavier than I am now, and to be able to do all the things I do make me feel blessed. Did make me really realize though that I dont want to be where she is physically and reassured me that I need to do this.
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London doesn't have anything on western WA this morning -- so foggy out there it's hard to see across the street.

Edoetsch1 -- Love your attitude about being thrilled with getting a new scale. And congrats on the weight loss. Your attitude is infectious -- one virus I wouldn't mind getting.

Fi -- Congrats on the loss! The cookie monster didn't win And thanks for your kind words about getting support here. Believe me, I do. I'm just one of those naturally happy people. I even wake up happy and smiling. Other than the Co-op -- which varies between being a comedy show and thoughts of justifiable homicide for me -- retirement is pretty stress free. Just need to work on breaking really bad, lifelong habits. Hope you're able to get out and about since we've closed down the government for snow. Good luck with the cardiologist.

SilentArctic -- hope you're feeling better this morning. I think Ubee and I should come and take care of you. OK, that has me giggling!

Locke -- Love it when people use intuitive eating successfully as our bodies really do usually know what they need. Jane's right that You Tube has become the source for just about everything you'll ever need.

Nightkatt -- My mom used to make shepard's pie whenever we had a pot roast for Sunday dinner -- and I still make it, too. Yum.....although I can only eat a small portion as opposed to what I'd like to eat.

Ubee -- And how much coffee did we have this morning? I think you've ODed on emoticons. I've got to find some of this coconut sugar!

Sam -- I'm exhausted from reading about all of the exercises you've added into your "sit" time -- but heartily applaud you for doing them. Been reading about stuff to do if you have a desk job. Don't have a job, but still spend too much sit time. Your chicken fajitas sound wonderful.

Jane -- feel better. The day will come in the distant future where your worries will change from feeling awful once a month to wondering what new facial hair growth has appeared today. Let's reboot together.

Hope I didn't leave anyone out -- not intentional.

Toby and I went to obedience class last night.....he thinks that I'm taking him to doggie day care and just wants to play with all the other dogs all of whom are social misfits because they all bark and growl at each other. He's in getting neutered today. Lunch with a friend and I'm going to find a fish meal that I like. No gym today, so I'll need to do some exercises at home tonight. Have a great one!

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Radiojane ~ Thanks for the welcome

Fiona ~ I will try to post in this thread every day, I do agree it does help

silent ~ Yeah I have been walking up a storm, I just hope all of my walking pays off

pjvw34 ~ I sure hope I see awesome results in no time

Ubee ~ Thanks, No I dont take Clyde with me, He's too old now to go on walks

betsy2013 ~ Thanks, I agree it does lift the spirits

What does BIL mean? Just wondering. My day was been going good so far today, Hope everyone has a good day today
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Starting over sucks.
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Betsey I already have facial hair Old before my time!

Terra I missed the context but usually it mean's Brother in Law.

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Hello all, first time posting in here. Just got finished with a 2 mile walk and almost 30 minutes on the bowflex, whew. Having a bit of salmon, wild rice, and broccoli for lunch. Hope everyone is well.
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Hello all,

I am typing this from the hospital, waiting for an evening lecture to start.

I've had a good couple of days. Was able to play volleyball yesterday without too much shoulder pain. Woohoo! Then watched the sens beat the caps.

I was a good patient and arranged for some physio for the shoulder. I may need an MRI, because this problem is RECURRENT.

I hope all is well, just a bit busy this week, but gonna get my workout in today!
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Hey everyone,

So today was birthday party day at work. I think I did good in eating an apple about an hour before they got the pizza and cake going. I wasn't even hungry and just stayed out of the room. I really wasn't too hungry today but I still ate my lunch, just a little later than usual...overall the work day was not so bad...but here's were I am a little sad...

I went to Walmart and picked out my shiny new scale. I was so excited to get it home and set it up and get on it, even though I know weighing in the afternoon it usually won't be as accurate and you should weigh in the morning. Reminding you guys since my scale broke when I started this journey I really have no real knowledge of what my start weight was but I guessed probably about 330 lbs. I got on the scale and it said 331.4 So either the scale is off, or I weighed more than I had thought, and that makes me even more sad because when I guessed at how much I weighed I was actually giving about an extra 5 or so lbs in case I had gained more than I thought. I know I've lost weight, just don't know exactly how much. I can feel it in my clothes even though its only a little bit. I haven't worn my leather jacket in a couple weeks but had to break it out today and usually the arms are really tight but I noticed today they were just snug. I know I shouldn't beat myself up over it because I'm sure I still lost, but it's almost like the past week and a half I've worked feels like I'm back at square one in a sense. I'm glad the worst food I have in the house right now is a bagel because I feel like eating junk, but I won't because I did so good today with not giving in to temptation when pizza and cake was staring at me lol...and that will just make it even harder for me to show a loss. Hmph, this is the first time I've been a little sad since I've started. I'm going to weigh myself again on Sunday morning and use Sunday's as my official weigh in day. It's easy to get into obsessing over weighing in each day and for me I don't think that would be healthy, though I know some people can do it just fine and it doesn't bother them.

Anyway, that was my day....BIL (Brother in Law, for terra who was asking ) and I are going for a walk/slow jog tonight. I did more stuff at work today so I'm not sitting all the time. Hoping to see the scale go down on Sunday. Have a good evening everyone.

PS: Chris The Sens just got lucky this time
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Okee .. so many posts .. but I'm going to try to catch up on all of them lol .. If I miss anyone Im so sorry ...

MOUNTAIN - Sorry to hear about the home front, keeping you in my thoughts and hoping you are ok.

PAM - Good on you for walking at all! lol .. I don't even say Im going to do it .. my motivation seems to be wobbly this year .. but its getting better Love your positive attitude

RADIOJANE - What is fitbit? Sounds cold where you are hope you are keeping warm though.

LOCKE - Gotta ask .. what is an Intuitive Eating Program? I don't think I have ever heard of that over here. Im with Radio ... check out You Tube .. or I don't know what sort of things your library has .. but ours have dvd's of lots of work out styles for all different levels .. I have actually got 2 - Disco with Richard Simmons (had to get that from the US but I got it sent as a gift from another 3FC member years ago!) and then I got Walk Away the Pounds ... the Disco one is fantastic! All body types and he seems to know right when you are ready to give up because he says something which feels like its right to you .. so you go a little longer .. when I first got it I could only manage the warm up and cool down .. then I would just start adding in an extra song or two depending on how I was feeling .. the biggest thing was keeping the water handy and breathing lol

SILENT - Hopefully you get well soon .. lots of ginger, garlic, lemon, honey .. they are all good fighting ingredients ... and especially if you are going to try the Cottage Pie .. I love adding in lots of garlic & onion as they are both great for fighting colds and flus ... I admit I have been pretty lucky for that .. I don't get either ... the only thing I get is laryngitis or things with the throat ... but flus and colds seem to pass me by.

FIONA - Fantastic result! Well done I would be happy with that result too .. and Im sure your birthday pressie to yourself will be another drop too Glad you are enjoying the cold .. I do feel for all those having to deal with it .. below freezing is just mind boggling! I think the lowest we got last winter was umm .. maybe -1C .. and I think it was only once .. the rest of the time we were on about 3-7C (not sure how that is in F sorry lol) I have never heard of Mail Art .. have you got a pic of what you do?

EDO - Happy Birthday! And yep its a great gift You are doing fantastic and its just going to get better .. don't get me wrong .. there will be times when you think its never going to end .. but one of the ladies that I talked to when I first signed up here looking at 150 pounds to lose (she had lost so much more) and all she said was "its right, you can't lose 150 pounds ... but you can lose 10 pounds 15 times" I keep reminding myself of that ... especially when I am having a hard time or two and the roller coaster starts again .. but each time it does I stop the ride sooner and sooner so less damage is done each time lol. I gave myself 3 weeks off over Xmas/New Year and was so gutted by how much I put on lol .. but have recovered that now (thank goodness) and am carrying on the journey Enjoy the ride .. remember each step is a good thing as long as you keep going forward

BETSY - It was my granny I always remember making the Shepherds Pie .. we used to go round on Sunday for the roast and then Monday after school I would pop round so I could help her mince up the left overs and make it .. and you are right .. the portions are a lot smaller than I would probably eat if I wasn't worried about the calories lol .. such a nice comfort food Hope Toby recovered well .. when we took our dogs in my hunny made me take them in .. and then he picked them up .. they didn't talk to me for days lol .. and yet my hunny was the hero for rescuing them .. damn man ... and good on you for doing the classes with him .. what sort of dog is he? The reflux has calmed down again .. humm maybe that attack on Monday is what killed my appetite? Fortunately it doesn't get into my throat, just feels like my insides are twisting and my heart is under attack .. only gets to the throat when I can't get my meds in time .. so fortunately not that often!

TERRA - Hi and welcome .. is Clyde in the pic with you?? What sort of dog is he (I hope we are talking about a dog .. otherwise colour me embarrassed lol)

JPIPER - Hi and welcome on in .. nice to see another rooster on the boards Im in awe of everyones exercise lol ... you are all so darn good! I will eventually get it into my day ... but Im out of routine at the moment so when I get back into a routine of sorts I will find where I can fit it

MERSTOPHER - Meant to say cute kitten but forgot lol .. I have 4 dogs, but I have always had cats before .. now my daughter has the big ball of ginger fur as she bought him home when she was little lol .... hope your injury is able to be fixed or something done to make it easier for you. My hunny has had arthritis since he was a teen and both hips have been replaced and next knees need to be done .. me .. well I have had most of my major bones broken (nickname CTD - Crash Test Dummy or RG - Radiation Girl), as well as some minor ones .... so I understand how aggravating a recurring injury can be in your day.

SAM - Well dang .. it is a hard thing to realise .. but hey .. now you know you are on the track and you know where you are on it Im sure if you have been losing (going by your clothing) then your next lot of weigh ins will be better for you. I have been told I should throw away the scales and go by clothes and measurements .. but ummm no lol .. its like being told that a survey said that people on diets prefer to calculate their food by how much exercise would be needed to get rid of it than by counting calories .... Im like HUH??? Who the heck are you surveying??? I don't what to know how many push ups or miles I have to walk to burn off the meal I just ate .. I want to know how much I just ate lol .. silly some of the things out there ... I think of the measurements and the clothes fitting as NSVs instead (Non Scale Victories for any that may not know that one yet). So YAY .. you have obviously had some really good NSVs .. and well done at work too!

So I have been having a hard time with food the last couple of days .. other than the couple of ladles of the Cottage Pie on Tuesday ... I have only had a few bananas, a couple of cookies and a bag of chips since Monday... sigh .. not the best but I just haven't had an appetite .. woke up this morning with a stirring of hunger at last .. only after I spent 2 hours cleaning, moving furniture .. cleaning up a glass cabinet that smashed (oops) ... my appetite has gone again But I have got some chicken breasts out .. and have a fridge full of fresh vegetables so Im going to make something for dinner .. the more I think about it though .. the less hungry I get ... not sure why .. could be the heat .. but its not that hot today and very windy ... still .. I have a few hours to go before I get cooking .. so hopefully the appetite will pick up by then ..


:Goal 1 - 300 pounds - reached 9.09.13 Goal 2 - 264.6 by 2/12/13 : reached 26.11.13
Goal 3 - 240 reached 23.05.14: Goal 4 - 220

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Good Evening!
Sam those scale are a love hate thing!!! Maybe try upping your starting weight to where you think it might have been and then give yourself credit for what you have lost. Hang in there. We all go through it. Amazing work not having cake and pizza!
Chris you had me a bit scared when you said you were in the hospital! I was worried about who would take care of your kitty!!
Welcome JPiper! That is quite some exercise. Mind if I ask how long you have been working at improving your health?
Jane I know you have read Wheat Belly. What kind of fats does he recommend?
Terra you are a lady of mystery... Like the name Clyde.
Betsy do you think we scare Silent? I kind of feel like the crazy neighbor/aunt gone Golden Girls! I used the coconut sugar in baked custard. The recipe called for 3/4 sugar and I used 2 TBSP. My cooking is a big work in process. I always feel guilty when somone has to get snipped. Give Toby a kiss for me!
edoetsch1, what a great attitude! Always count your blessings! I keep a walker I had to use when I hurt my knee in plain sight to remind me where I was headed and need to stay vigilant to avoid it.
Fi glad to hear of the 4 pounds. Wow! you do a lot of leg lifts! I am impressed! As for my hormones next week I am going to give them a final blast when the surgeon takes their playground away!!! I am so supperstitious I am afraid if I post my weight up in the corner my weight will spiral out of control. I started at 327 and am down to 252. Ok that is the first time I have seen that in black and white. Wow! Thanks Fi!
Silent that stinks. Hope you are up and living the big social life soon! (Right Betsy!)
Jane you sure have your scale troubles... Good job on the 100 pounds! (Never did tell you that.) Maybe you want to let Heather add you to the biggest loser thread???
Welcome Locke! Good luck! I am the last person to give exercise advice...
Katt you really are going to have to hurry up with that cookbook. Cottage pie has such a good comfort food name. Have any gluten free/coconut sugar cookie recipes you want to share???
My friend came over today and we spent a big chunk of the day slicing and dicing and making freeze ahead meals. She was a huge help. I am exhausted! Did drink a lot of coffee but hopefully ...
1st time around lost down to 248. Hunger and cravings came back with a vengeance.
Restart Dec. 2016 at 315, with Intermittent Fasting got down to 235 by mid August, 2017.
Restart again New Years 2018 at 263.
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Betsy & Ubee - Find the club and rock it! I love it since I'm not feeling up to it and even if this cold miraculously vamooses, another batch of badweather is cycling in.... cheers to the 70kmph gusting to 90 winds and zero vis that's coming up :-| You guys should TOTALLY live it up on my behalf. As it stands I sit here lamenting the colds effects on my voice a touch of narcissism in that I think, that lately with no real evidence of talent I take pleasure and comfort in the sound of my own voice. I miss it right now, hints of it are there, but there is a lack of clarity from the normal even in my head. I can't imagine what a recording would sound like, slightly sad, no dancing, no singing... boo down with the cold I want my health back lol. I fear I'm drinking tea and reading my book for the next few nights :-P

Fi I know sometimes I just give in especially when I'm sick, comfort food. :-|

edoe - I know what you mean, I watch shows about people who honestly are pretty much my size and they have all these limitations and troubles. And I just feel so lucky, at the strapping size of 320lbs I can do step aerobics, climb a volcanoe, and walk a half marathon. If I was "normal" size imagine... I might take over the world. The world should be scared that I'm shrinking.

Terra - glad your day is going well so far.

JP welcome , sounds like a nice lunch, I'm jealous!

Chris - Insert lecture I give all my athlete friends about not doing too much too soon if your injured :-P

Sam - glad you got a new scale don't let it get you down!

Nightkatt - drinking ginger-mint tea as I type... i've gone through almost two canisters of the stuff the past little while :-O And I wouldn't hav eto try to add in garlic and onion they're , I think possibly the LOVES of my life. Since I haven't found a man ... I use them in most of my cooking hehe. Hope you feel better soon I know heat sort of saps my hunger usually too.

okay going to curl up with my book, I 'never' read, but I feel like doing that right now. Its cold and windy and I feel like sleeping but its too early for that so going to try and read to keep my eyes open until bed time hopefully I don't end up getting too into the story and stay up later because of it. Books are always a gamble that way... "one more paragraph" snowballs quite easily sometimes.
Overall Goal (Restart AGAIN) 2013

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Good evening all. Yes, I've decided to switch doing my computer "stuff" to the evening. I figure it will help with curbing the evening munchie stirrings -- which are totally in my head -- plus I'll do better at working out at the gym. So two in one day from me today.

SilentArctic -- sorry this lousy old cold has you in its grips. You are so lucky to like the sound of your own voice. Having been raised in the Midwest of the US, mine has that wonderful nasal quality to it. Your weather sounds awful. I have a feeling that I'd become some sort of hibernating creature if I lived there. Enjoy your book.

Ubee -- I don't know if we scare anyone, but I imagine that they wonder about us. We both seem to have one of those slightly warped senses of humor. Your custard sounds good -- how did it taste? I'll give Toby a kiss for you, but not where his boo-boo is!!!

NightKatt -- glad your reflux has calmed down. It is a truly uncomfortable feeling. The doctor has me on a daily medication for it. Not sure I need it, but seldom have attacks any more either. Toby is a Golden Doodle (fancy name for a mutt that cost way too much money). He is doing very well and isn't acting as though he had anything done. Hope your appetite gets back to normal. Maybe a little flu bug without all of the really nasty symptoms?

Sam -- I'm with Ubee(?) -- just up your starting weight 5-10 pounds which may be hard to cope with, but also reflects that you have lost weight. Your clothes don't lie -- if they're looser, you've lost weight. Scales are devices designed to insure a love/hate relationship occurs with an inanimate object. You're doing great, showed immense will power at work, and don't deserve to get down over a number on a scale.

Merstopher -- Glad you're back to playing volleyball AND getting some therapy since it's recurring (is it the shoulder pain that's recurring or the running at full speed into the bleachers?) Glad you've had a good couple of days and checked in with us.

JPiper - Welcome. Wow, you packed a lot of exercise in and are having a wonderful dinner. Be careful, you may become a role model for me! (That would be a good thing, BTW).

Terra -- Glad you've had a good day. Yep, BIL means brother-in-law. My sister and I lived across the street from each other after we both retired (after 30 years of living 3,000 miles apart). She passed away almost 5 years ago, and my BIL and I kind of keep each other going. I mention him from time to time -- great guy who helps me a lot.

Jane -- I should have been more specific. We all have facial hair. These are the odd hairs that are found on the ugly old hags in the Disney movies.

Went out to lunch today and was actually able to find a meal that had a mixed grill (and it was barely 4 ounces, if that), a salad, a small veggie. Then I asked for a fruit plate to be made up for dessert. Hadn't planned on paying $6.95 for the fruit plate, but what the heck. And, the good news is that I'm not hungry so will probably just have a hard boiled egg and a piece of fruit for supper. Hope tomorrow is a great day for everyone.

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Sorry I have not posted lately. I have been super busy with my volunteer work.

I adjusted my daily calorie goal slightly upward. It is now in agreement with MFP recommended numbers. I had picked a lower number than they suggested. Old 1,440 calories - New is 1,730 calories.

My exercise is going to take a huge jump starting tomorrow, I am building a large BBQ pit at the Shriner's Club. This will involve carrying and placing 96 concrete blocks. That will be 4,320 pounds of weight that I will be handling. This may require a couple of days to complete. I am tired already just thinking about it.
My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four. Unless there are three other people. ~Orson Welles

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Hello all...
Sorry I havent posted in a day or two.... I sure miss when I don't get to... It has been one of those weeks... training at work, then extra duties as assigned to help cover classes... and today a load of meetings... not to mention no internet at home last night... soooo... I wanted to drop in and say hi... and let you know I have NOT fallen off the planet.... LOL... hopefully tonight will give me the chance to write a proper response...

Oh and I almost forgot to mention... I am down 3 pounds since Monday... so my body is finally turning loose of some of it... Gotta run for now...

I hope everyone has a wonderfully POP PERFECT ON PLAN day!!!
Pam - The Former Miss Lazy

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