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Default I need help. :(

I have been doing so well with loosing weight. I haven't even cheated since January 7th, at all and my weight was dropping but last week and this week it went up. I don't understand why. i have been eating the same (low carb), drinking water....it's not near when I get my period.

I know its time to start excersising but in the last week i've gone up 4lbs

Any suggestions on what I'm doing or can do to get it moving the right way? Normally i'd say i'm giving up but i'm not. This is beyond frustrating thou
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Roxie.... You and I started at just about the same day. I too have stayed on plan since 1/6 and my weight does fluctuate for no reason some time. About 4 weeks ago it went up 4 lbs and I had to pick up my jaw from the floor. But I knew that I had not eaten anything I wasn't supposed to have. The only thing in my case was I had slacked on the water and was drinking more of SF drinks (saccarine) and that changed my gain. I ended up losing those 4 lbs over a week -they left the building by drinking more water alone again. NOTE: (I don't get TOM anymore). Sometimes our bodies.. just get into saving mode I am thinking. Over the long run that extra will come off. Just think that its an extra layer of clothes that you will shed. Don't let it get you off track. Maybe try the exercising (tho not too strenuous as you will retain water) to begin with... and maybe try eating a new dish that meets your plan. Sometimes a new spice will brighten your day. Just a thought.

Just remember... you can and have done it. You have proven it to yourself and you can also continue!

to you!


2013 weight loss journey start 320 Loss 111 = 209
New Goal (2017 313.4 start) Lose 10%

You have to believe it first and then you will see it!!

1 for every 10 lbs lost

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Location: Manitoba, Canada
Posts: 56

S/C/G: 381/262/199

Height: 5'2"


Im going to up my just plain water and see if that helps. I would love a kfc big crunch but I know I will feel even worse after I eat it..

I don't plan on going on crazy on excercise becuase everytie I do it doesn't last long and i give up from being in pain.

Thanks for the kind words Wannaskipandlaugh. :-)
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RoxieK {{hugs}} Back away from the thought of the kfc big crunch...you're soooo right, you'd feel worse after. Like Wannaskipandlaugh said...our bodies fluctuate for no given reason. I just started behaving and trying to change my life again this past Monday, but have been on this journey before. For me, if I give in to the number on the scale going up...it sets me up for a binge for days sometimes and I end up doing more damage. So...remember.."eye on the prize baby" you can do this. Come here, read stories...that's what I do. I want to be a story someday.

You have done an awesome job with your loss, keep up the good work! I believe in you.

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You are doing awesome, Roxie!!! Congrats on your weightloss so far!!!

I think the last thing you need right now is anything from KFC, imagine what the sodium will do!!

Our bodies are such mysteries it makes me crazy some days. To have gained 4lbs, you would have had to eat 4x3500=14,000 EXTRA calories over your daily allowance and it doesn't seem to me that you did that based on your post.

Keep drinking your water and eating good, it's guaranteed the scale will prove your dedication. When the scale isn't doing what I want it to even when I am perfect on my diet and exercise, I try on some mini-goal clothes and see if I see any progress there. More times than not, I do!!

This is a long and hard journey but the rewards for all of us are going to be priceless. I hope you stay on plan today and keep in touch with us here. We are all in this together and try to support each other through the tough times and celebrating the good times.
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This might be TMI, but I've been having some bowel issues, and I've realized that this also can, somewhat artificially, affect the scale up or down depending on the issues I've been having over the previous few days.

Hang in there. If you're doing the right things the numbers will move again.

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Super frustrating! Hang in there!
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First, get the word "cheat" out of your vocabulary! Seriously, you are human and if you do have KFC "once in a blue moon" don't beat yourself up over it. You shouldn't feel guilty - you're not going to live the rest of your life without eating KFC or pizza "once in a while" "Diet" should be replaced with "changing lifestyle" or "health eating" Because diets end and then you gain the weight back if you go back to old eating habits.

And I know you didn't eat KFC or anything else "unhealthy". Probably your body is probably just making and adjustment. Keep up the good work and you'll drop the weight next week.

You're doing great. (I just hate the word "diet" as I for one have always failed at diets in the past. That's why now I'm just making better food choices and watching my portion sizes.)

Good luck on your continued success.

{This time it's For Real}

Short Term Goal:

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Stay with it--your efforts will be rewarded. Agree with Elvislover--try some (formerly tight) clothes on to prove to yourself that you are succeeding.
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keep it up - Your doing well with your lifestyle choice

diet = is die with a cross on the end ... so keep up with the amazing lifestyle plan

I find that once a month my weight doesn't go down - in fact if anything even with eating healthy and exercising right it goes up a bit.. simply because its that time of the month and my body retains fluids however stick with what your doing keep drinking water - fluid retention goes down weight goes away quite quickly ---

also look at what your eating how often your eating and your exercise program - are you doing any weight or resistance training -
muscle burns calories faster so we need a nice balance between
our cardio and weight training - its more fun if you can blend them together

keep up the good work things will move again!

doing weight watchers (started Feb 2016) at moment :
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DON'T GIVE UP, ROXIE ~ we all hit plateaus and stalls along the way. The cause is most likely a water issue as mentioned (but my nurse says that the other one [BM] can do the same thing too). Hormones, salt, exercise, and stress can all play a part in our weight. That's why I like to moniter other things besides weight (like inches, sizes, fitness). Just continue on, and the scale will move down again -- it's really only a matter of time.
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So how have you been doing Roxie? We all hit times where the scale doesn't move, but don't give up because it WILL move again.

Two trackers--the first is to lose 10% of body weight goal, and the second my ultimate goal.
One CHEER for each 10 lbs. lost.
None yet...
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