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started out 6/30/10
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Default Joining this group and could use some help

Hi everyone,

I am officially joining the 300+ group in hopes of getting some support. I weigh 290, down from 310.

I have a bit of a problem and would love some help. I feel like I'm frozen when it comes to what to eat. I have read so much about what I should and shouldn't be eating that I ALWAYS feel conflicted. I'd like to be a vegan (again) but then I start relying too heavily on carbs. And since I've read so much about weight loss by avoiding carbs, I don't want to reach for the oatmeal in the morning. Due to all of this conflict, I end up not eating, then becoming famished and reaching for something REALLY bad, like ice cream.

I know the ideal way to do things would be to find a plan and stick to it. But what plan?

I think part of the problem is that I have been trying to lose weight since 2003. It's been an up and down rollercoaster and I am just full of apathy when it comes to weight loss. I absolutely can't stay at my current weight, so something needs to change. My whole life has been a weight/food battle, and I'm just so tired. It's awful.
Goal 1= Pre-pregnancy weight (270)
Goal 2= Lowest weight in 4 years (215)
Goal 3= Onederland!
Goal 4= Lowest adult weight (160)
Goal 5= High school weight (140)
Goal 6= GOOOOAAAAALLLLL! (healthy BMI)
Goal 7= Baby
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Just my opinion - but check out Gary Taubes "Why We Get Fat". He talks a lot about how we build up fat tissue and the metabolic processes that break it down... And recommends a low-carbohydrate diet that is basically whole, unprocessed foods. Lots of people try lower-fat diets or strict calorie counting, but so far his approach (which is something I'd read about in his "Good Calories, Bad Calories" book a few years back) has been good for me.

Good luck. I'm an occasional lurker, but the ladies here are very supportive.
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doing it this time
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I see that your big goal is having a safe weight for a baby! That's awesome. Im in the same boat after two unsuccessful pregnancies.

It took me several days of reading and journaling to come up with a plan. I wrote down everything I put in my mouth to see if what im eating is helping me become healthy and I tracked how active I was to see where I could add more. Then I took food that I like and looked up how I can make them healthier. Like adding spices instead of salt or eating plain yogurt with fruit. Also take what meat you like cook it up to taste and throw some veggies in there.

Its hard to change your whole mindset about food, I wish you the best of luck and better health.
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As far as food goes, I mostly calorie count. I don't eat fast food, and definitely avoid sugary foods like candy, or pastries, which always trigger binging.

You have to find what plan you can stick with for life! Good luck and let us know what you decide to do.
I attempt an arduous task; but there is no worth in that which is not a difficult achievement.

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I have some of the same concerns/issues you do, and am looking forward to the suggestions you'll get.

Good luck with whatever you decide!
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I understand your conflict-- it can be overwhelming!

When I started weight loss I didn't make too many changes right away to the type of food I ate. I made sure to bring a lunch and snacks to work, because I had been eating out of the vending machines for lunch! In other places, I just started to practice portion control. I remember going out for breakfast for the first time and instead of ordering the eggs with bacon and pancakes and hash browns, I just got eggs and toast and was satisfied! Wow.

Over time, I started to make choices that were healthier. I started overhauling the foods I was cooking, adding more veggies, ground turkey instead of beef, "brown" carbs rather than white, low fat cheese, etc. But it was a somewhat gradual process as I realized my limited calorie budget would need an overhaul so I could eat a little more...

But then after a while, I started thinking about other health issues. Did I want low-fat cheese? Or less of the "real" stuff that might not be as processed??? So, I started moving back... but then have to cut back in other places...

So, I guess one take home lesson is that you aren't making any permanent decisions here... you can change and change again! Pick a place to start!

My 5 C's of healthy living: Commitment to conscious control, with the understanding that choices have consequences
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I'm with Heather. It's been 10 years since I made a significant loss, but I was calorie counting and, at first, letting myself eat ANYTHING I wanted as long as I stayed in my calorie range. I lost weight, and as I noticed that if I skipped the cheese on my burger I could have an apple later, and it got easier to start making some better choices.

By the time I got down to 1700 calories (I was following the NIH recommendations to readjust calorie levels as I lost weight), I was almost vegetarian and was getting a good bit of my protein from nuts or tofu.

As I said, it's been 10 years since then, but I'm currently restarting and taking the same approach. I tracked for 2 weeks to see what I was actually eating, and I figure any improvement I make on that is progress.

Good luck.

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started out 6/30/10
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Height: 5'2"


Thanks everyone for your insight and ideas. I'm feeling pretty demoralized right now but I know I'll pick myself up eventually. The funny thing is that despite being soooo heavy, I can run like a maniac. I've been training since June and have no trouble with getting on the treadmill and jogging for 30 minutes. How weird is that?

I lost so much weight 8 years ago... almost got to goal.. then piled it all back on. It's been a struggle ever since.

I need to find a plan. Jennynyc- I downloaded that book on Kindle and need to read it.

Anyway, thanks again.
Goal 1= Pre-pregnancy weight (270)
Goal 2= Lowest weight in 4 years (215)
Goal 3= Onederland!
Goal 4= Lowest adult weight (160)
Goal 5= High school weight (140)
Goal 6= GOOOOAAAAALLLLL! (healthy BMI)
Goal 7= Baby
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