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Old 02-17-2009, 07:03 AM   #16
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good morning everyone,
I was so tired last night after kids left i ate a salad and hit the couch and stayed there asleep till 9 when i finally got up and went to bed.Tom is wearing me down this month. I actually ended up sleeping from 6pm till 5am.
My sinuses seem better today. Maybe I am past the worst of it!!

I am a snowman collector and keep them out all winter. I was kinda tired of the ones in my living room and put them away with all my christmas stuff.I have kept the others scattered thoughout the house. Well today I am sick of winter and putting all those cute little fat snowmen away!! So that means cleaning out my dishes and getting out my reg dishes. I think I will clean and straighten out my kitchen cabinets as well. Hubby did a great job shopping for groceries yesterday and its so nice to have a fridge stocked with healthy foods. He even came in with me 3 wheels of laughing cow cheese and even got them on sale.

My goals for this week are to stay up till 9pm.( lol)
I came in short on my water yesterday because i went to sleep so early. So I need to make sure to get my water in before falling asleep.
I need to get in at least my 5 servings of veggies.
Dragging out the minitramp tommorow and starting to use it again!! I think my body needs a change up in my exercise.
Im praying to get out of the 220 this week!!!
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Welcome, mizski!! This really is a great group for discussing things others just don't get!

My 5 C's of healthy living: Commitment to conscious control, with the understanding that choices have consequences
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Hello ladies. I havnt been posting much lately, but have been an avid lurker lol.. when i have things on my mind, or am bothered by something i tend to just withdraw and not talk much either in person or on these boards. my visa to live in the UK expires june 6th, and it costs another 750 to get my perm one.. with the credit crunch, me not working, and hubbys hours being cut, i have been terrified we wont have the money when the time comes. it's the last visa we will have to get and i think i have it figured out .. im just gonna save 75 per week regardless of what other bills dont get paid in full that will be about 10 weeks of hassle and the phone ringing daily with peeps wanting their money, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
the next thing on the agenda is a trip home to the states to see my youngins... they are grown, and we speak daily on the phone, but i havnt seen im in 2 years this june. it can be really hard falling in love with someone from a diff country lol.
as for my weight loss, it has been non existant.. in fact i have gained a couple pounds. im really a weird fat person lol.. i dont like most sweets, but when im upset i want/crave carbs and good old comfort food.. hubby has had a bag of candy in our room for two weeks and i havnt even been tempted.. there has been loads of coke and i havnt givin into that either even tho i love soda.. but the taters and onions omg lol...i got back on track with it yesterday tho.. fasted all day (cept for slim fast) just to detox a bit and get my stomach used to not havin so many taters.. and drank like 120oz of water.. when i got on the scale i had a 2.8lb weight loss but im not gonna move my ticker till the end of the week cause i dont see how one day would create that loss.. unless i flushed all the salt out.. who knows.
i keep trying to find a job, but i have had the worst luck in this country.. it has been really bad for my ego.. in the states if i wanted a new job, i would go job hunting one day, get 2-3 jobs then go home and decide which one i was going to accept.. just call center jobs in collections.. anyhow, here i cant seem to get hired.. not sure if its a matter of 'hire brits before americans' which i kinda understand as peeps tend to look out for their own, or what it is. or it could be the fact i have gained about 60lbs since i have been in the Uk and i know there is a fat prejudace out there and maybe im experiancing that for the first time.. whatever it is, it sucks cause if i worked we would have the visa money in 3.5 weeks. well, now that i have written a novella ill stop and give someone else a chance.. felt good to post again, and i hope everything is going well for all of you

goal for when i fly home june 4th.. prob too much to hope for, but what do ya have without hope? lol
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Julia - I like this idea of weekly goals! I think sometimes I get too frustrated with long term goals and I also get as frustrated with extremely short term ones like daily goals. The reason being that a lot of the time my days don't go according to plan haha. It is like weekly goals sounds like a compromise instead of "today my goal is" I can focus on a more general weekly mission! I'll also need to go get my groceries over the weekend. I'm planning more interesting meals for myself.

mizski - WELCOME! You're doing great! Welcome welcome welcome.

dgramie - Sorry to hear that TOM is weighing you down this month. I absolutely hate the fatigue and tired feeling that comes with it every month. Even if you do sleep it is like not restful sleep, if that makes sense. *hugs*

Americaninuk - I'm like you in that way of not wanting sweets. I only crave sweets when I'm hormonal and by sweets I mean strawberry type cakes and chocolate or peanut butter and jam lol. Mostly I crave carbs when I'm emotional..you know what it is. I want something WHOLE and HEAVY so I feel full and comforted. I also gained a few pounds as for more than two months I had very low weight loss to nothing. Now that I'm back on track with things I find myself a bit happier and loosing again. I think it is all those fats and carbs that slow me down totally.

Good luck on finding a job. I know it is hard out there right now, but something will come your way! You sound like a wonderful, smart, and determined person!


Well ladies. I didn't exercise yesterday, but I am moving my tushy today. I said there were a few bumps over the weekend, so I think I needed a day or two to just "reboot" if that makes sense. You know how it is when families get together. Someone always seems to cause a little trouble and it is never me lol. I actually cooked and prepared a meal of healthy foods for a family get together, which went over well. Everyone seems to take to eating healthy if things taste awesome lol.

My weekly based goals are:
- Cardio workout 4-5 times this week
- Walking 3-4 times this week (would love to go over that)
- 5am wake up, to get more settled into that routine
- Meal plan by Friday

That is about it..I'm sure I could add more goals, but that is simple enough haha. I hope everyone is well. *HUGS*

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mizski_ welcome!! You will find wonderful suppost here!! I love that everyone understands what it is like to weigh or have weighed over 300lbs.
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started 1/28/08
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Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven't been on that much since I came back . . . life just got crazy there for a while and I had a hard time keeping up with the thread. I'm on it this week though!

I've been on-track with eating and exercise, and just squeaked under 250, which has a lot of psychological significance to me - probably because on my way up the scale, that is the point that it really began to hit home that my weight was limiting my life.

Beth -- Congrats on the loss and the smaller sizes!

Dgramie -- My fridge broke last fall, and I had to throw a lot of stuff out. I had the same experience - it took me a while to really feel comfortable putting a lot of stuff in the new one!

Kayley -- Glad you're feeling better! I love the "did the crime" thing, and I'm like you . . . I always change my ticker, for better or for worse. I'm sure you'll drop those few lbs fast now that you're healthy again.

Julia -- I love the positive attitude! I'm no expert, but I've heard good things about interval training . . . a medium-length workout, with periods of really high intensity alternating with lower intensity.

Jacquie -- Glad you're back on track, bust that plateau! It is fun cooking healthy stuff, and it's amazing how often people don't even guess that it is "healthified".

Mizski -- WELCOME! I'm not formally doing SB, but I try to avoid high-glycemic carbs, so my plan is sort of similar.

OK, I'm off to the gym . . . 27 degrees here, so I guess I'm stuck on the treadmill for cardio. Have a great day everyone!

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nirvikalpa samadhi
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Happy Tuesday everyone! I had a very nice three-day weekend which was great and very relaxing. I also went out Saturday and bought myself a huge bouquet of roses of all different colors ~ it was my Valentine to myself for staying 100% on plan for 6 full months. Originally I had thought I wouldn't treat myself to roses until I hit the 100#s lost mark, but then Saturday I just woke up feeling very proud of myself even though I didn't make my goal ~ and I celebrated with flowers.

mizski ~ welcome; this is a great place to vent and find awesome support. These ladies are great.

My weekly goals:

~ Ride my exercise bike 5 times this week for at least 20 minutes per.
~ Not get on the scale again until Friday (I've been obsessing about it lately).
~ Give myself at least one sincere compliment per day.

That's it for now!
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Beth :]
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Hello ladies. :]

It's been a quiet day so I've been relaxing for the most of it. I should be getting down with my work as I have three essays to write and a coursework to begin. It's half term so I've got plenty of time to do the work, only that I can't seem to bring myself to getting them done. "/

I'm going to the doctor's tomorrow to have a jab for prevention against cervical cancer. The jab is being offered to 17 - 18 year old girls at the moment. I hope the jab won't sting so much, hehe.

It is amazing buying smaller clothes, only when I have enough money to spend, haha. ((:

It is an awesome feeling! How did you know that I've been walking like a bandit?

Welcome to 3FC! I look forward to getting to know you. (:

Thanks a bunch. :]



MINI GOAL #2 - lose 10 lbs! [1 lb to go]
February exercise ~ 1650 minutes
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Hi Everyone!!!! I'm so glad that I am back... This weekend was a very tough one... I am very close to my younger sister and she was rushed to the hospital on Valentine's Day... none the less to say my date was cancelled - which was okay with me/ but, not with him. Oh well. So, that was the icing on the cake. My sister was having an attack of her Chrone's Disease. I feel so bad for her. Poor kid has never been healthy her whole life.
So, I'm kind of *****ing and I'm sorry because I really am a more positive person. I'm getting ready to start TOM again and well, it hasnt even been a full 3 weeks. Ugh!!! Maybe ovulation is going faster since I'm getting older?!!! Oh well, just makes me crave everything I shouldnt have!!!!

Okay, enough for now... I will be back after I feel more together... but thanks for listening.
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Well today I had an unexpected surprise, my TOM. Wasn't expected that for another week and it through off my plans for yoga today. (You aren't supposed to do spine twists or certain positions in yoga when your TOM is here, and of course, those are some of my favorites..drats!!)

Baz xo-I know you're walking like a bandit because your excercise minutes on the thread kick serious butt baby!! 360 one weekend-that's awesome. Plus your new pict looks great on the avatar!!

DChound-roses for yourself-that's too cool!! I'm waiting till I get under 300 to buy myself Eternity perfume and everytime I pass it in the store I stop and spray some on. So I know the importance of the moment. You should be very proud of yourself.

Mizski-Welcome, welcome. Stay here, it works!!

Lorrie-Sorry I haven't gotten to send a good PM yet. I'm working on it. Feel for your sister. Have a friend that has Crohn's. they put her on a new med this year and it caused a massive infection in her lungs. Mold was growing inside her lungs as a reaction from the new meds for Crohn's. Sounds insane doesn't it? But it's true

Take care, I have to get ready to take April to practice.
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My husband and I had another long talk about dieting. It's like everything else, it takes baby steps. I was on step 1001, and he was only on 20 or so. He wants to support me any way he can, but I have to explain things to him step by step rather than assume that he already knows stuff. We started again on Sunday, and something must be working right because I'm shedding water by the gallon at a time when I should be retaining. I keep telling myself progress not perfection.
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Hi Everyone,

Just checking in really quick. Fighting a bug but wanted to say congrats to the loosers!!!!

Welcome to Mizski

Hugs to everyone. HOpefully I will be feeling better soon then I will be back on line.

Blessings to you all,
Next mini goal to get down under 300
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Learning to love myself.
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Cyn - Thank you for thinking of us over here in Australia. I only just realised that I had been missing from here so long that people may be worrying.

I am actually on the opposite side of the country from the devastating fires and floods on the east coast. I can't believe the number of lives that have been lost and it is unimaginable to think of whole towns being lost.

We have had a few smaller fires over this side and in the northern part of Western Australia they are facing floods at the moment from what I hear, but in Perth we are OK for now.

I haven't been feeling up to posting as my depression flared up with a vengeance last week and I had to increase my medication. The doctor also put me on a few tablets to curb the worst symptoms for a few days. These pills made me very drowsy, so I couldn't go to work. Work is actually very good at the moment, so I missed going, but would have been a little dopey I think, which isn't good when you are facing 20 to 31 kids.

I will try to catch up with everyone soon and let you know more of what is going on with me.

Take care,

Zelma - Loving the freedom of being half the size I used to be!

My Website- Including Before/After Pictures

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Checking in fast. My whole family except my husband is down with a nasty cold. I can barley talk my voice is gone. So Mike said no going to Curves today to workout man that stinks but I feel weak. So gonna drink tons of fluids today and just rest with the children. Hope to make it Friday to the gym got two days to get well enough to go. Well got to run one of the boys needs me.
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I'm just popping in here quickly before class. It's been a really busy week for me, so not much time to check in here. I went to the gym Tuesday, and I must have pushed it too hard, because I'm STILL sore. Hopefully my muscles will be better, so I can go back tomorrow. Right now, my calves, and thighs hurt so much when I walk. lol. That's what I get for upping the weight too much, Haha. We live and learn!

No time for personals, as I'm on my way out the door for class, but...

Beth - I haven't forgotten about you, and I will send you that info asap!

Zelma - I'm glad that you aren't in harms way of the fires. Take care, and I hope you are feeling more up to par soon. I know far too well how depression can change you. *hugs*
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