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Beth - Well of course you'll be at goal before me, so you'll just have to be patient about the clothes pinching thing lol. I'm proud of you for sticking to this diet, you are already looking amazing!

Kayley - hey girl, thanks for the welcome back. What's up with your angels facebook page, not seen any action there in a while. Too busy with your real life unlike me, a facebook addict lol. Well done on your weight loss this week. How's things with you and Andrew, I haven't missed the wedding bells have I?

Debbie - now come on, if I of all people, and you know how I've struggled, can make a go of this again, I have every faith in you too. You will get your much needed kick in the butt, just like I did on the scales today. Until then, just try to maintain where you are so that when you get back on track you won't have to lose more weight than what you need to lose now. Do I have to come and nag you in your AC town, you know I'll do it

Heather DW - I don't know if you saw my reply to you over on your other post about really wanting to lose weight but just finding it so hard to get motivated. It's great you are back, it's lovely to see a lot of the old faces. See we all have our bad moments, or months, but we always come back here where we know we'll get all the support we need. Come on, you, me, Debbie, let's motivate each other.

OK finally at 1.28 am I am going to sleep now, well maybe after a quick run around on Animal Crossing lol. Take care all, it's so good to be back



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Ammi and Heather_dw it's great to see you back.

Ammi - I don't know if you saw my little soapbox rant from yesterday - basically I want to thank you for all the support you gave me when I first started - you were such a motivation to me. Always supporting me in this weight loss journey. I hope I can do the same for someone sometime.

Debi - thanks for the water thread.

Julia - you are a great cheerleader. Today I stopped to enjoy the sunshine and feel the wind blow through my hair. I did not exercise tonight but in a funny, small way that is a victory to me - not obsessing about it. I thank you too!

By now you know how it goes.......move your bodies, drink your water and SMILE.

Hugs to all,
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Ammi – I had deleted my Facebook, because of a lot of drama on there. Lol. Such High School stuff, and I thought all my friends were ADULTS. Lol. I created a new one, though, I just didn’t remember your last name, so I couldn’t find you again! No, you haven’t missed those wedding bells. Lol.

Carol – Hope you’re having a great night!
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Happy Monday Night!

Julia: Hugs to you. I love your goal. How did you do?

Kayley: Congrats on the -2.2. Good job eating out too.

Cyn: How was the party? I hope you had fun.

Ally: I'm so glad that you will soon be doing something for you. Wonderful.

Beth: Woo hoo on -2 more. Woo hoo to only 3 more to get to your goal. You are doing so well. I'm very proud of you hon.

Debi: Love that goal. How did you do?

Ammi: My sweet friend. So happy to see you post. Congrats on the exercise too. Way to start right.

Debbie: Hugs

Carol: Hugs to you as well.

Well, I went to Physical therapy today and he showed me some exercises for strengthening those muscles in my side and hips. I am going to go do some.

Blessings all,
Next mini goal to get down under 300
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Annie_ I didnt do perfect yesterday at snack time.I ate a few pretzels before i even realised what i was doing.I did better than i have been doing though.

julia_ the frozen grapes are awesome!! the kids love them also so now i have to share!! lol

Debbie- try to take babysteps back to eating right.You will be glad you did!!

ammi- glad you are doing good again

beth- awesome weight loss!!

kaley - hi sorry you had drama on facebook.

carol_ I love you and please stop sharing your weather with me. We are supost to 60+ mile per hour wind gust tommorow.

Scales are looking better..im just up 1lb from my lowest. I am just trying to make good healthy choices and not stress over it until after the wedding.
I got my hair cut and eyesbrows and lip waxed..MAN that hurts!!
My bangs are a bit blunt but at least i have almost 3 weeks for them to grow.

My goals for today are to think before i eat...ask myself if its good for my body and does my body need it. NOt do i just want it!!! Another goal for today is trying to get the kids to do my dvd...it never happened yesterday.Yesterday was a typical monday with kids.

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Good Morning! I am imagining nice warm sun heating up the living room when reality has given cool grey freezing rain skies. So today the imagination rules!

I had a good day yesterday. 1 minor slip up of a handful of choc chips. But I can live with that when I used to eat the whole bag. They would never make it to the batter for baking! So I soaked my feet and pampered myself did not paint as it was to close to bed time and did not want to polish smear on the sheets! Todays goal is to keep on plan for food, and not be so cranky. My poor family really were on the receiving end of some PMS attitude. And yes TOM did come as expected. Back is sore. But still planning on going to the gym this afternoon. Hopefully some stretching will help sooth the pain.

Anyone who wants to contect with me on Facebook just pm me!

Let's go girls and make the choices that will get us to our grand goals. No more messing around in pity parties. One day at a time. Together we can do it!
May 8 - June 1 2014 Goal
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Eating for two!
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Good morning, all!

My gynecologist appointment on Friday morning was less than pleasing. I was referred to the nurse practitioner at this doctor's office, so I had specifically called and made an appointment with her by name. My appointment was at 9:30am, and I got there a little early knowing I would have all the fun new patient paperwork to fill out.

Well, I had all the forms completed by 9:30, but they didn't call me back until about 9:50. Eh, doc's offices run late all the time--I was okay with it.

So the PA or whatever takes my weight and blood pressure and stuff and says Dr. XX will be seeing you. I interrupted her and said no, I was supposed to be seeing Susan, the NP. She just looked at me and said Susan only works one day a week and wasn't in at all that day. UGH! So, now I'm stuck seeing the one I was NOT referred to. Oh well; I was there, so I figured I'd just get my exam done anyway.

Then they brought me back into a second waiting room! I finally got called and put into an exam room. Again, my appointment was at 9:30. Sitting in the exam room, I hear some nurses outside the door talking, and one says it's 10:25.

Twice while I was waiting, the doctor pooped her head in my room to assure me it would just be "a few more minutes."

At 10:50, the doc FINALLY came in. Needless to say, I was less than thrilled with the wait. She talked to me, I told her about my upcoming surgery, and then she left so I could change. She came back and started a breast exam, and then someone knocked on the door, and she left mid-exam to go take a phone call.

When she came back, the rest of the exam was probably the most uncomfortable and even PAINFUL exam I'd ever had.

I am never going back there.

I was really hoping to have found a good doctor (this one specializes in "high risk" patients) because I plan on getting pregnant about 2 years after my surgery, and birth control post-surgery will be of concern due to malabsoprtion.

I went to a gastric bypass support group last night (I go monthly), and I asked the dietician who runs it if she had any recommendations. She said she would email me a couple. Hopefully, that will pan out, as they will at least be experienced with WLS patients, even if not specifically with the procedure I'm having.

Sorry for the novel--just frustrated and disappointed in the whole encounter. The support group last night was good, though! I go early and meet up with the other DSers for dinner before the meeting, and then we hang around after the meeting for even more chatting. It's a really great group.
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Good morning everyone. Sorry I'm so hit and miss lately, just trying to keep up with my school work. I've got my big paper for the week done and turned in yesterday because the rest of the week is insane. A big fundraiser dinner tonight, human trafficking commission tomorrow until 7, and then I teach a class on conversion at 8:30. I'm going to the pool today, so that always makes for a good day.

DCHound-another basset lover here. My last one was a rescue dog. A puppy bought to save a marriage, and didn't. I trained him to the point that he was certified as a service animal, and therapy dog. He used to live for going to the pediatric hospital. That took a lot of patience and a lot of dog treats.
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Beth :]
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Hello ladies. :]

I hope everyone is having a good day. I'm feeling a little dizzy but I managed to do some exercise with 'My Fitness Coach' that my mam bought for the Wii.

Thank you. :]
I'm sorry to hear that you're not motivated enough. I hope you will be motivated real soon!

That's good. :]
I think you have sent your cold over to me, hehe. Must be sympathy pain because I tend to catch something from someone.
I think I have the same problem because I'm supposed to have 28 points a day but I can't seem to reach the limit. I'm usually below 20 points and it's because I'm hardly hungry. I think it's the water that keeps me filled up but I don't want to give up water so I could eat more food, if ya know what I mean.

I don't think I look amazing but thanks anyway. :]
Great workout today, mam!

Thanks. :]
I hope you enjoyed the physical theraphy.

Thank you! :]
I would like to say thank you for posting that link. These food are kinda gross!



MINI GOAL #2 - lose 10 lbs! [1 lb to go]
February exercise ~ 1650 minutes
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I had thought that I had gotten rid of this stomach bug, but it seems to be sneaking back, unfortunately. I was hoping to get in a workout today, since I had zero time to get one in yesterday, but we’ll have to see. I’m going to finish up some homework, and see how I feel.

I’m going to have to try and eat something, too. I haven’t eaten since about 5pm yesterday, and it’s already noon, and I’m not even hungry.

Over this weekend, I was visiting some friends, and one had mentioned how she was going to have to file for Bankruptcy. I’m currently in a Bankruptcy Law class, and it’s pretty tough….and I was worried about whether or not the information was sinking in. She was asking me some questions, and I was actually able to help explain some legal terminology, and the process for filing! So, I was really happy that I actually remembered it. Heh.

Annie – Did the exercises help any?

Dgramie – That’s quite something to be proud of! You’re nearing a low, and that’s spectacular!

– Hopefully you’ll get some sunshine tomorrow. Here in Michigan, we’re having our ‘January thaw’ a little late. All of our snow has FINALLY melted, it’s above freezing, and it’s SUNNY out. Haven’t seen the grass since early December!

Jill – What an awful experience! And quite unprofessional of the doctor to just leave mid-exam to take a phone call. It better have been something damn important! I hope you’re able to get a good referral from someone in your group; and it’s good that you’ve got a good support system in them.

Catherine – I definitely feel you on the work. I’m swamped myself. Sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate, so to speak.

Beth – Definitely! I try and drink 60-100 oz of water everyday, and that’s probably a big factor in why I’m not hungry.
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MSer living healthy
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Good Afternoon Ladies

Sorry I haven't been around for a few days but I have been under the weather I must have over done it and paid the price for it. I suffer from fatigue and it just wipes you out. Doing one simple task can just sap all the energy you had. You just end up going to sleep and sleeping it off when it is at its height. I get this every so often and it is hard to deal with. In summer they come more frequent due to the heat has the same effect. Though the portable air con unit has been a god send and stops a lot of the fatigue.

A good lot of our snow disappeared yesterday with the deluge of rain we had yesterday. When travelling south to Bognor Regis we saw fields standing in water. There was one field that had seagulls swimming in the standing water. Not the most surreal moment we had but travelling towards us on the opposite carriageway was 2 army tank with an army personnel standing up through the opening you have in the tank at the top of the vehicle. Gosh so weird to see that normally you see tanks being moved on other army vehicles like lorries. We had a great journey down there to Bognor Regis but it did take longer to come back as people were rubber necking at an accident that had occurred now in been brought into the hard shoulder of the motorway.

I went for my treatment today in the oxygen tank it was busy in there today with 5 of us. 4 ladies and 1 gent lucky gent Time went quick today at the session and afterwards as lots of people to chat to so that make time fly.

I had a bit of a bad day yesterday firstly I thought I would try this new ballet move I had learnt alright I own up it was a fall really . I was in the bathroom and stood up from the toilet and fell backwards hitting the toilet cistern right across my back. To say the least that was painful and not a move to be repeated anytime soon.

Then if that was not bad enough I had a freak accident. I was getting into a van and sitting down. In my pocket of my long cardigan was my pill container. Has I sat on the seat of the van I sat on the pill container. Normally it would have sunk into the padding on the van seat and my fat/skin on my base of my back. Though unfortunately I managed to sit on the part of the seat that contains the fasting for the seat belt. This part is flush to the chair and you never have any trouble from it but with sitting on top of that and my pill container at the same time recipe for disaster. It hit my tail bone giving me a shooting pain up my spine and down my right leg. I suspect by my knowledge of your body it was the sciatic nerve that I happened to hit. I have this morning a lovely black bruise and it is still very tender and sore. So both incidents shook me up a bit and recovering today.

I know I will not be able to catch up with everyones posts and answer them all. So I have picked out a few for now till I get up to speed and feeling hunky dory again. Sorry if I miss anyone out it is nothing personal and please forgive me. Right where do I beginning

jillybean720 Sorry to hear that your visit to the gynaecologist was a complete nightmare. I hate gynaecological examinations and I know how painful they can be from experience. I have been fortunate the last 2 given by our GP nurses have been painless. It is good to rant about it and let out your feelings your going through a lot right now and it is best you do not bottle up your feelings.

CatherineM When I first started my nurse training my moons ago I was on a health care of the elderly ward for the mentally ill. 99% had dementia of some form of other. The doctor on the ward use to bring her Labrador to work and it worked wonders. It was lovely to see eyes light up of clients and make an complete fuss of him. I think the dog adored it as much as the clients did. So a win win situation all round.

I have a Staffordshire bull terrier and he adores children. He loves to play with them and is wonderful with them. On Saturday a friend had brought his 2 year old daughter to see him and I do not know who was most pleased Jasmine or Rizzie (dog). He is so excited when I take him to my nieces he is in heaven 4 girls to play with who have just as much energy as he has

Baz xo We would love to have a wii but saving up for a car at the minute as we are due to change it very shortly. I have had ago on my sisters and that was great fun the doing the activities. Some I can not do but those that do not require lots of movement I am fine with. You will have to let us know how you get on with the fitness coach. I hope your dizziness goes too.

AmmiUK Glad you are coming to post regularly here on this thread. It shows how mindful we all have to be with losing weight that it is so easy to slip back into a old ways so quickly. One good thing is that you have done the weight loss before so know it is possible. It is so nice to see yourself drop into the lower sizes of clothes you have. ( I had lower ones as I had constantly put weight on). It will not be long before you will see the fruits of your labour. Keep up the good work.

Must go as I need to get ready to go out to play cards. So take care and it has been great to drop by and catch up again.

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Debi, That's exactly what I plan on doing, starting with water and cutting out sugar. Thanks for caring!
I hope you have better luck getting the kidlets to do the dvd with you. That's great that you're trying to teach them to be active and healthy and hopefully it will stay with them into their adult years.

Julia, YAY for the good day yesterday and let's hope today will be a great one too! One handful of choc. chips isn't too bad, just stay away from them today!!

jilly, As if gyno exams weren't bad enough, then you have to go thru all that. I'm so sorry those people were so careless with you and your time.

Hi Catherine, good to see you!

Beth, thanks, I hope I can get it back too. It's hard, but I'll do it.

kayley, that's great that you had a little quiz with your friend and the lessons have stuck with you. It's too bad she has to file for bankruptcy but sometimes it's needed to get back on track financially.

purpleorc, feel better soon

As I wrote to Debi, my goals for the day are to get my water in, and cut out sugar. Each day I'll try and add something else in, if not every other day. Gonna go do Wii Fit right now and breakfast. Before I would get up, sit down and play that addicting game of Animal Crossing for a couple of hours. Now I plan on going back to the way I used to do things and get up, get on 3FC for encouragement, and then get on with my day. So thank you ladies for the gentle kick in the rumpus.
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Good Morning ladies!

I'm down pound or so. Gotta love drinking all that water. I know if I stop drinking water in the future, I'll gain a few pounds right off the bat. Funny how that works, isn't it?

Work is getting stressful. I take calls for one of the flower online ordering places and all the crazies and meanies are calling in for valentine's ugh. The later in the week we get, the more calls I get that will be people yelling at me over prices or availability. Fun.. not...

Yesterday I did pretty well. I was going to fry up some potatoes in a little bit of olive oil but it didn't work out. They turned out all hard and funky. I also managed to cut my finger. The funny thing is that I didn't even do it with the blade of the knife. When I was cutting a potato, the knife came down through the potato funny and the handle end of the knife hit my hand in a weird way. It hit right on the area at the bottom of your nail where the thin skin is and tore it. It bled like ****. Dinner ended up being ruined so hubby took me to Subway. Gotta love Subway! I had a flatbread (not the best choice but I had extra calories left for the day) with the little bag of baked lays and a diet coke.

Today I'm doing well although we're having pasta tonight so I'm skimping on calories today. I had read in my other thread that you typically need betweej 10-13x your weight in calories? that would put me over 3k a day! I always thought I needed to be under 1800 but I'm still trying to keep it low as I can without being hungry all the time. Stupid delicious calories!
Guess I'm restarting!

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nirvikalpa samadhi
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Happy Tuesday everyone!

First I want to report in that I made my little goal yesterday - I rode my recumbent bicycle again last night for a little longer, about 26 minutes. Yay me.

Jilly - your dr. experience sounds awful, ouch.

Catherine M. - wow, so many basset/dog lovers in the 300+ forum! Thank you for rescuing and how wonderful that your baby became a therapy dog. Bassets do seem to have a natural ability to be therapy dogs but it's so challenging for some of them to pass the CGC in order to be certified. I think both of mine would make great therapy dogs except I know they can't pass the requirements because of age/bladder issues (good thing I have hardwood floors and I'm anal about cleaning up after them). They definitely have the personality for it though.

Can I also say you are one of my personal heroes? I actually went back and read through some of your historical posts a while ago and, wow wow wow. You are such an inspiration.

To everyone else: happy Tuesday and hugs to everyone who needs one. I've read all the individual posts but being at work I don't have time to respond to each individually. But yay to the winners (losers!) and hugs to all.
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Hallooooooo ladies.

Doing much better this week, coming off of the monthly. Washed my hair today, scalp is so much better, but still needs a lot of healing time. I do the washing once a week now and that seems to work for now.

I went on my morning walk yesterday, but not today. I'll go tomorrow morning which I'm happy about. I find it a bit weird to be up at the crack of dawn, well before that, but my music makes into something enjoyable! Like it is "me" time. Tomorrow I shall add my cardio workout as well and I'll be rocking with that hopefully!

I hope everyone is well. I'm busy with work and other things, cleaning my apartment up and what not as well. I think I've come to the conclusion, and this is from a post another member posted one day, that my life and diet is cluttered so I'm going to do a cleanse of sorts and just get it all organized and "in harmony."


P.S. Haha I bought some new lipstick and my lips burned and swelled up. Funny thing was I bought a berry/red lipstick and when I took it off my lips, my lips were like the same color for hours.

Weight Loss Progress: June 08-June 09: -63lbs

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