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A new year and a new me!
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Red face Found my way back ... again!

Hi everyone

This is just a quick note before I have to get ready for work and a quick update lol ..

Still havent lost any weight ... still singing .. in fact I have over 300 songs on Singsnap now lol ... unfortunately havent been able to do that in the last few months as I got rather ill and couldnt do much of anything lol... got my voice back now and my health so just need to find my recording things so I can get back into it when I have the time .. which brings me on to my next news ..

Have sold the shop .. well .. shut it down .. and moved from Masterton to Wellington (our capital) to be with my hunny .. 2 years of only seeing each other on the weekend was getting to be too much so I have moved over here (on Tues 2nd Dec) and I got a new job which I started yesterday (Thurs Dec 4), still learning the bus/train/bus timetables to get me there and back lol .. but its so far so good ... but the house looks like a bomb site with boxes everywhere!!

My daughter Ashleigh has left home and is living in central Wellington .. I am meeting up with her today in my lunch break to catch up on all the news lol .. she has just got her NCEA Level 1 & 2 as well as an extra Employment Certificate ... so at least she has her qualifications now ... she is also doing a Hospitality course in Wellington.

Im going back onto Jenny Craig .... got so far off the wagon and out of routine I need to get it back on track again .. unfortunately dont get my first pay until Xmas Eve so will have to just clean out my system in the next few weeks to prepare for the new regime when I can afford to get started lol.

Things Im thankful for:
1 - Im with my hunny!!!
2 - My daughter has her qualifications at last!
3 - I have my health back
4 - Got the first job I applied for in 9 years lol
5 - I found my way back to 3FC

Have a great day everyone ... time to go get breakfast .... most important meal of the day apparently lol ..

Oh and just wanted to say .... did a quick catch up on everyones progress and I think you are all fantastic!! For those that are on a plateau .. dont give up ... just keep reminding yourself how well you have already done!!



:Goal 1 - 300 pounds - reached 9.09.13 Goal 2 - 264.6 by 2/12/13 : reached 26.11.13
Goal 3 - 240 reached 23.05.14: Goal 4 - 220
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Hi Kat,

So, so very nice to see you again. I'm very glad that you came back. Congrats on all of the wonderful things happening in your life. Looking forward to seeing you post as often as you can.

Next mini goal to get down under 300
Final Goal : 199
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Welcome back. I'm new here, so I'll just give you a *welcome hugs*

Sounds like you have a lot of wonderful things happening in your life.

Weight Loss Progress: June 08-June 09: -63lbs

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Old 12-06-2008, 02:24 AM   #4
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Default Welcome back!

I am back here myself. It seems I mean to get on more than I do and life gets in the way. I went back to school in September, full time and joined Big Loser at my local gym, I thought I could do it all.

I couldn't, so I did what came easier, gave up the biggest loser at the gym. UGGHHH, so I leave for family visit in about 10 days and am frustrated that I didn't try to lose weight before when it was my goal. But I am here now

Congrats on coming back!
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Welcome, back, Katt!! Always good to see "old" faces ... well, avatars... return!

Sounds like you've made a lot of changes, but they might be great changes, too!!

My 5 C's of healthy living: Commitment to conscious control, with the understanding that choices have consequences
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MSer living healthy
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Welcome back to 3fc and good luck on embarking on your weight loss journey. Look forward to getting to know you better over the forth coming weeks and months
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aka Valerie
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HEY KATT!!! Just coming back myself. Great to 'see' you again!!
Val ~
Always tryin' to just get back on the horse....

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A new year and a new me!
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Hey Val!! You are doing well I see .. still under the 300 ... wish I could say the same ... I am about to update my profile from the last time I dared to stand on a scale which was a few weeks ago ... just need to find the scale now that we have moved lol .. I am definitely moving more than I have been the last week ... even jogged briefly today lol .. just about missed my train!!!

We had a fire alarm at work yesterday .. so I had to walk down NINE flights of stairs!!! OMG .. today my legs feel like that have been through a wringer lol .. but it has given me an idea ... Im going to challenge myself to walk up one flight of stairs each day ... to start with anyway ... then who knows .. I may be able to make it up to the 9th floor one day lol .. so when I start my regular hours (rather than my training ones) .. I will be walking to the bus stop .. then from the bus stop to the train (at the moment my hunny drops me off at the train in the morning on his way to work) ... then from the train station in the city to the next bus stop .. (and I catch the one that has the stop further from work than the one that stops right outside it) .. then walk to work .. and then its the reverse coming home (although I dont have my hunny meet me cos he is already home for over an hour before I get home lol ... and already with just that little bit of extra movement each day I am starting to feel the burn lol ..

On the down side with the fire alarm I was then in a crowd which usually triggers a panic attack .. but I kept a mantra going and breathing steady til I made it outside and away from the main crowd of people .. I was one of the last going back up again as I had to wait for the crowds to thin ... but I was rather proud of myself for controlling it .... I was a little shaky and broke down after work when I got to the train station and missed my train (which then meant I would miss my bus and have to wait an hour for the next one!) so my hunny picked me up the from the train station (out of the city) and I came home had a hot bath and went to bed early to listen to some meditation discs to settle me back down again ... feel a lot better today although a little sore lol ..

Positives for today:
1 - had lunch with my daughter today .. she is looking better than she did last week lol ..
2 - I got my bad taste bears today! heheh
3 - I got a lovely chicken & vege meal tonight from my hunny .. and I couldnt eat it all!!
4 - The sun has come out and we had some lovely rain this morning to help cool things down and add a bit of moisture to the grass that is already going brown
5 - I havent found my scales rofl ..

Have a wonderful day everyone!! And thank you for the welcomes! Annie you are looking fantastic!! So are you Heather!!


:Goal 1 - 300 pounds - reached 9.09.13 Goal 2 - 264.6 by 2/12/13 : reached 26.11.13
Goal 3 - 240 reached 23.05.14: Goal 4 - 220
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I don't think I could make it down 9 flights of stairs and back up again. I would seriously think about hiding under my desk until the fire drill was over!
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