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Default Need knee surgery-need to lose weight fast

I know that losing weight fast is never a good idea, and frowned upon by almost everyone. I weight close to 300 pounds, and I need a knee replacement. My knee has bones rubbing on bones. I can't stand the pain much longer, but want to lose weight before the surgery. I need to lose weight fast.......I can't do the low-carb, high protein thing, because my cholesterol is high. I have a recumbent bike that I have been using, but not enough. I need to really get on that thing and go for miles. I'm just so scared. The doctor said that being overweight is not a "contraindication" for having a knee replacement, but I know that my recovery would be much easier if I could lose as much weight as I can. I have so many other problems lately that I'm just a nervous, depressed wreck.
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You should probably see a dietitian. If your weight is a health issue to that extreme you might need to lose weight fast. It's best to see and dr. and find out what your needs are. Typically loosing weight fast is frowned upon, but under dr supervision and for medical reasons it's ok.
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Funny, I saw the "expert" back doc on Tuesday and he said once you hit 40 any extra weight tends to make our bones deteriorate quicker, whether its the back, knees, hips,etc. He explained that the extra weight compresses the padding between the joints/bones and wares it out faster.

I knew this before I went to see him but he really seemed conserned about me.
The reason I add this comment is because out of all of the doctors I have gone to in my entire life, he is the first one to actually say that I should lose weight, he even offered advice and options.He listened when I told him of my frustrations with previous docs and was happy to hear that I was already getting healthier.
All of the other doctors have told me " well, your numbers are good( bp, col. blood work, glucose is 80) so whats the problem, we consider you healthy. Thats even when I have expressed concern about my weight. They just usually just give me the pat on the back and say "well, do what you can"!

So with that said, lose weight for you and your health. I know you want it off fast but it didn't get there over night. Take it off the healthy way, slow and steady

Sorry for rambling

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I also have bone on bone left knee. I have had 2 cortisone shots which worked wonders and each lasted about 4 months. I am awaiting my insurance company approval for hyalgan (sp) injections. My specialist said he wants me walking, biking, or swimming/water aerobics - nothing else. He also wants me to push through the pain - I have to tell you I have done all of these things - I thought I was smarter than he was though and took a "big lady" yoga class - not good. So now I am content to walk my 5 miles or play in the water - the bike does nothing for me.

And guess what - my knee doesn't bother me nearly as much because I believe I have strengthened the surrounding muscle and tissue.

As for losing weight fast - lose it fast - gain it back faster. Please take a healthy approach. Don't lose weight for a knee - lose weight for you - your overall health and well being. Baby steps is the way you begin!
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Losing weight quicky will really only hurt you in the end - as others here have already expressed. Losing too quickly will cause you to lose muscle - in your case, you really need to be building muscle to help get stronger, which will aid in recovery from surgery.

There are a ton of great diet resources and recipes on this forum, as well as a lot of great support. Post here and post often, I promise it will help!
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There has been some sound excellent advice from the previous posters on this thread. I know it is no fun being in pain twenty four / seven and I do understand your coming to the end of your tether regarding this.

I am not trying to boast or anything like it but I wish to give you an example of time scale that it took myself to lose a 100lb. It took me about 1 year to lose the weight through a sensible eating plan which I did not stick to as rigidly as I might and I am unable to exercise as well as I would like due to MS. I know others on the site have lost a 100lbs quicker than myself but I think they more stricter than myself about diet. You have a great motivation to kick start your diet and people on here will help give the support you may need along the way.

You may find that as you lose the weight the pain maybe be alleviated on the knee joint and make it a whole lot more tolerable for you. I am not saying that you will not need a knee replacement but it may make your time waiting for it while you lose the weight a little more easier. I hope this helps to show that you can lose the weight sensibly but in a reasonably short time scale through dedication and hard work.
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The problem with quick weight loss fixes is that they frequently fizzle out fast! Even though you're desperate now, I think it helps to think long term. The benefits of losing, saying, 20-30 pounds over the next few months may already make a difference (as others have noted). And having a reasonable time scale allows you to work on a diet and exercise plan you can work long term.

I also lost 100 pounds in about a year. I didn't starve myself or exercise more than a few times a week. (though I do exercise more now!).

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I really do understand all that. I just wanted it to be a little faster because of my knee. I have been dieting for about 1 month and have only lost about 4 pounds. It's very discouraging. At this rate it will take me a year to get down to something tolerable. I bought a recumbant exercise bike and have been getting on there, trying to stay on longer and longer. I still can't get past 15 minutes (isn't that pathetic?) It doesn't hurt my knee too bad. The doc said it would be ok. Something not weight-bearing. I would swim, but I'm too embarrassed about the way I look. There is no way I would let anyone see me (not even my mother or my daughter) without being completely clothed!! Thanks for your help everyone!
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I am losing weight to ease my recovery from a planned knee replacement. I have a bone on bone knee, caused by steroids prescribed for asthma (we think, maybe), and I gradually put on weight because I didn't like the pain.

When I first joined 3 fat chicks, I weighed over 300 (how much I don't know, because our scale only went up to 300), and after several years of yo-yoing, I have now been on a regular food and exercise regime for about a year. My orthopedist referred me to a physical therapist, and he taught me several exercises designed specifically to strengthen the muscles around the knee, and then, to strengthen my back and other core muscles.

The pain is a lot better, I'm down 50 lbs, and I am going for a consultation to see about getting the knee replaced.

For exercise, what I do is swimming laps, water aerobics, and recumbent bike. I recently added walking 20 mins a day to my regime, and it hurts, but my doc recommends ice.

I wish you luck, and would love to talk your further about this.
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I know that this is hard but hang in there. I too have a bad knee, but not to the point of knee replacement yet. I was also about 300 pounds. My doctor told me that losing just 10 or 20 pounds would help my knees.

Exercise was very painful so I got a chair aerobics DVD. It is surprising how much exercise you can get sitting in a chair! I have also been doing strength training with bands.

I have lost about 25 pounds in three months and it has helped. Not only are my knees better but I just feel better in general. I have started walking but that still hurts. I will still do the chair aerobics for now.

This forum can also be a great help. I have not posted very much but am very inspired but all the great people here.

Good luck!

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When you say you've been dieting for a month, can you give us more info? What kind of diet?

The reason I ask is that since you're so desperate to lose weight, it's possible that you might be overdoing it - not eating enough - and causing your body to stall the weight loss due to a lack of needed calories and food.

Give us some more info and we'll be happy to make suggestions!

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Default wondering how it's going

I don't see any replies since last November. I was wondering if you had been able to lose some weight, and if you had had your knee surgery?
I need a hip replacement and would like to lose some weight beforehand. I found a recumbent stepper (sounds like an oxymoron, but it's true) and have been doing it for a week, and plan to get into a water aerobics class daily in addition. Even if I don't lose a lot of weight, I think more muscle will make my rehabilitation after surgery easier.

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